R U a sex toy snob?.

I am!

i hate battery toys they are so wasteful and tend to be louder than the rechargeable ones.

Rechargeable toys are the future!

I love metal and glass toys that are built to last. A good toy should be for life not just for Christmas.

I would rather save up for 6 Months to get a really good toy (I'm saving for the njoy range at presentation) than get a hand ful of poor quality toys. I'm a quality not quantity girl.

Am I the only one?

I'm 50/50 I guess. Previously I only bought cheap battery operated sex toys, as I couldn't afford the more luxury ones and didn't use them enough to justify buying them. Lately, however, I use my toys on a daily basis and I'm finding that my old ones just aren't cutting it.

Recently I've upgraded to a mains operated wand and a rechargeable rabbit, and I was also gifted a rechargeable G-spot vibe and a glass dildo by a very lovely forum member. Now I have those, it's difficult to go back to cheap battery toys! Especially when the rechargeable ones seem more environmentally friendly as you said (I don't know how much power they use from charging vs. batteries though?) and more efficient.

Although brands like Lelo and Rosa Rouge etc are still way out of my price range, I find mid-range toys such as Tracey Cox and some of LH's own brand are luxurious enough.

Not the only one! I love njoy, jimmyjane and lelo toys. I don't think that makes me a snob though. I just appreciate well-designed, quality products. Also the glas and icicles ranges are really lovely, the glass is so beautifully blown and made :)

I'm pretty bad now. I had a battery rabbit and it kept stopping. So i bought recharable ones. Now i have the issue that i WANT one of the battery ones i'm just worried i will have the same trouble.

I would LOVE a Lelo and jimmy jane but i dont think i will even get that amount of money spare haha. The tracey cox and love honey recharable brands are great though

In terms of rabbits i am a huge snob.

Although other toys i'm quite happy with battery operated as i dont use them as much :)

Not really! I won't use jelly or rubber toys and I have favourite brands but I wouldn't call myself a 'snob'. I definitely don't think that something being rechargeable is a mark of it being more quality, either; I've tried out some truly abysmal rechargeable vibes recently, whereas my battery-powered Mystic Wand never lets me down.

I've also found more than a few items from luxury brands to be realllly underwhelming, as well. The Jimmyjane Form 3 springs to mind.

I wouldnt say im a snob but ive learnt that its better to wait and buy a more expensive toy than it is to buy loads of cheaper ones.

Ive found that my rechargeable toys are always 100% power until they are flat then they stop. They do turn on again for a minute or so but then turn off again so i know they need charging.

with battery toys i find they are 100% power the first use, and then every use after they get noticably weaker. So unless i want to put new batteries in for each use they arent that good!

It depends on your own definition of a "toy snob".

I do not care about any specific brands that are considered "trendy" at this or that time but it is true I only go for toys that are bound to last a long time while being non-porous and body safe. That means I only buy silicone, glass and metal toys.

I would get a battery-powered one, provided it was made of a safe, hygienic material (and sufficiently powerful). Sometimes, it can be handy to take the batteries out, particularly while travelling - once, my rechargeable rabbit got unlocked while I was carrying it in my backpack, and it turned on. I guess both buttons got pressed against something for a sufficiently long time - thankfully, this did not turn into any real embarrassment but it sort of proved that no travel-lock is foolproof. When you take the batteries out, nothing like that can happen...

Some of my fav toys were made by high-end manufacturers (L'Amourose, Lelo, We-Vibe) while others are of the "middle-of-the-road" persuasion (Lovehoney's own, Colours, Tracey Cox). I would never, ever buy any rubber or jelly toy, though.

Not a snob at all i buy what i like that i can afford i have nothing against battery operated toys in fact one of my favourite toys is battery operated and was cheap,

rechargable toys have their downsides most recently spurr of the moment thing during a session i went to use my Sqweel go only for it to be dead had to wait a couple of hours for it to charge before i could use it. the problem with battery toys are the ones that take "exotic" batteries by that i mean N or button cell basically anything that isn't AAA, AA or C size batteries

I don't think I am toooooo snobby... but I will always pick luxury unless its something I am really after.

The Le Reve is one I am after which is battery powered!

My recent acquisitions have all been luxury toys (or at least luxury materials). I very recently got the Amourose Rosa (review to come ;) ) but I also own some cock rings which are respectively made of jade, wood and aged bronze. 

In life I tend to go towards higher quality vs. price. I hate having to buy the same item multiple times >.<

My favorite "go to" for solo play is rabbitt that is stil battery powered, so I guess I don't consider myself a snob if the line of demarkation is battery powered. I am equal opportunity orgasm. I do use rechargable batteries to be more environmentally friendly.

My Lelo and We Vibe II were both gifts from someone in the past so I am thankful he choose to spoil me that way. I do love them both and would love to have more form their line, we shall see =)

Quite the opposite, i don't think i own anything that was more than £20, a few might have a higher RRP, but i've bought them on DOTD or on an offer. This was before i knew of the porous properties of jelly though, so those have been wiped out of the collection.

I dunno I tend to find the cheaper the toy is, the more time I spend replacing it.

I've had a certain cheapish battery bullet that I purchased when I first started reviewing toys, since then its been replaced three times because the material has worn out or it has burned out, and this is verses something like my re-chargable We-vibe Tango which I havent had problems with yet (and just to think I could of bought a Tango with the money I spent the three times on the cheaper bullet).

Also Jelly toys.. I learnt my lesson there when I replaced a few melting ones (some of which I havent even used) with Silicone replacements.

I don't think that I'm a sex toy snob, I just want something that is going to be long lasting and good quality for the money im paying ( but dont get me wrong there have been many "luxury" type toys that have been just as terriible).

I'm not a brand snob, and I don't really like Lelo or my Rosa (sob), but I am a sex toy snob in the sense that I'll only buy toys made of high quality materials, and prefer to go with the rechargeable option: sure it costs more up front, but you don't have to buy batteries. Ever.

LH do amazing silicone toys which are some of the best I have, and good USB rechargeables.

Better materials are always the way forwards, as well as rechargeables.
Less production, less waste, less harm to the environment.

I never buy battery operated toys, only rechargeable and dildos that need no battery. I take advantage of the deals on here. But ive been saving up all my penny's recently to be able to afford nice things (not just amazing toys) I bought one of them money tins you can't get into and everytime I have change in my purse I put it in. I'm currently saving for a decent double ended dildo, some more bondage gear, tattoos, piercings, and things for my family and home. As well as gifts and a few bits and bobs.

But I probably am a toy snob. And even if I don't use them, I won't throw them out because I dont want to be wasting money because I "migjt use it someday" haha! But I do believe rechargeable and built by themselves no battery is much better :)

My view is the £100+ toys are something to aim for. However the cheaepr toys have their place for trying something new out. Once happy then you can upgrade to the quality stuff at a later stage. My philosophy might sound a bit wasteful at first but you wouln't go out and buy a £100 plus anal toy to find out anal play isn't for you. After all for obvious reasons there isn't a pre used market for these toys and so you will be stuck with it .

Yes I believe in quality over quantity.

Yes and no. I am very much into powerful toys or sleek ones like glass. I am not bothered about brands, and I wont turn down a deal etc on LH at all. I simply know what I like, at this present time. I try not to purchase cheap toys, just because I believe you get what you pay for, but then this is not always the case :)

I wouldn't say I was a snob but I have learnt that high end toys are in general superior to low end toys.

I'm not a snob on brand or price, but I am on material - SIlicone, glass, or stainless steel every time. I've got ridiculously sensitive skin, so I never know what odd chemical in the rubber or plastic is going to set me off.

I really like the Lovehoney own-brand glass, and likewise Tracey Cox for both glass and silicone. I used to love Babes N Horny, until I had a horrible customer service experience with them (Sent me a faulty and badly-made toy, got really snappy when I wanted a refund) - Then I found that Lovehoney made exactly the thing that I wanted, but without having to deal with histrionics, and have never looked back. Tantus are wonderful, it's just a shame that there's so little of their range on LH nowadays (Their O2 silicone is amazing, I've never felt anything like it).

This has inspired me to go and start photographing my collection...

Sum Sub wrote:

I wouldn't say I was a snob but I have learnt that high end toys are in general superior to low end toys.