Rabbit Broken

Went for some solo fun to find rabbit had died, Oh well had it 6 years from another retailer its like mr big rabbit but pink and smaller.

So next question other than mr big rabbit whats a good rabbit to buy at moment ?

I have other toys but as i found last night none of them are as powerful as my rabbit so took a while longer for my big O.

So any help is great regarding help to new rabbit.

2 words

Lovehoney Wand!

This rabbit http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=14099 comes highly rated and might be what your looking for

I do prefer a rabbit as i like something in me while ears sorting my clit.

I used my travel vib last night and was no way near same using it in me then on clit..

I have ordered mr big rabbit :) cant wait to get it.

Great thanks :)

Got the mr big rabbit. Wow loved it those ears and the rotating shaft best toy ever and a quick orgasm as I used it solo before hubby came home.


Wifey swears by this we've had it about 6months now and it has never failed.

Thanks for them ideas might buy another one.

Mr Big Rabbit is Awesome, OH uses it on herself when im not there, but we also have LOTS of fun when i use it on her too. The ears are very powerful and the shaft just right for a powerful Orgasm.