Rabbit Suggestions Please

Hi everyone.
Looking for a solid recommendation for a rabbit style vibrator for my wife.

We have a g-spot rabbit from that high street place which won’t be named! It’s a firm favourite. The original one broke at the charging port and I bought an exact replacement. This one has done the same. So they aren’t getting my money a third time!

LH has a massive selection so thought I’d come here for a first had recommendation.

I would say criteria are

-rechargeable (definitely(
-nothing too big (average is just fine, her choice!)
-for solo use and together
-the simpler the better.

Plenty of LH toys in our drawer to keep us busy in the meantime!

How about the Mantric Rabbit?

Or if you know the measurements of the Rabbit Vibrator that shall not be named, I can see if we have one a similar length/shape as you know that works for you both :smiley:


Oooooh! This could be an instant winner! I looked up the dimensions and it’s bang on.
Although I think I’ll pay the extra few quid for the ears version.
We have the Mantric realistic vibrator and the quality is excellent!

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I don’t personally own this one yet but I will some day. The reviews look incredible

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Honestly @T_A_O

I have owned loads of rabbits over the years and the best one I have is the mantic rechargeable rabbit with ears…it’s awesome. Worth every penny.

I have the mantric wand and the mantric bullet too and they are all rumbly rather than buzzy which works for me.

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My favourite and most recently purchased rabbit is this one:

I know it doesn’t look like a classic rabbit with the spinwheel but it’s honestly so enjoyable and my favourite rabbit that I own. It looks like it is on sale right now, too.

Although the first one I got turned out to be faulty and LH sent me a replacement. I just want to say that incase the replacement is faulty too. I only had the first one for under two months and it stopped working altogether. I’ve had this replacement for a week and it’s been fine so far.


I would 100% recommend the LH Jessica Rabbit 10 function Vibrator, the best I’ve ever owned wouldn’t go back

Brenna got there before me but I was also going to suggest 100% the Mantric Rabbit… before splashing out the extra for the ears, check whether your wife likes ears on her rabbits. Personally, I can’t stand them and get way more pleasure from the firm clit pressure of the non-eared breed!

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Well you’ll never guess what Deal of the Day is today!! :grin:

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Honestly I’ve had lots of rabbits @T_A_O …and not the fluffy kind…and honestly it’s the best one I’ve ever had…I can also use it hands free it’s awesome.

I got it on deal of the day too…worth every penny at full price…a bargain.