Rabbit vibes: which has the best motion?

Hi all, I was set on the thrusting vibrators as I’ve got my bday discount. I still hadn’t decided which to get but the more I’ve been looking I’ve now come across the stroking ones by fifty shades of grey and I can’t choose :weary:

If anyone can shed any light on how they differ or which kind of motions they prefer, I’d love to hear.

I added a link to a pulsating one as it caught my eye as I was browsing

I was looking at these

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Just to make things more complex you can pick different “rabbit” bits. We have the regular vibrating bit, but have also tried a wheel of silicon tungs also tried a little rotating silicon brush. Did find the vibrating style the best.

Thanks I needed complex haha!! This would be my first rabbit purchase so I’ve not heard that before and will look into it. Can you get them on lovehoney?

Not to sure if they are available on LH,would not recommend the other styles anyways. Misses never really liked the thrusting ones as you can do it yourself. Small glass dildo always goes well.

From what I hear, rabbits are a personal preference. I was interested in the thrusting rabbits, but in the end went with something else. Would be interested to hear if they are any good. :blush: This is what I ordered: https://www.lovehoney.com/p/lovehoney-dream-rabbit-rechargeable-silicone-g-spot-rabbit-vibrator/74082.html

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I’ve got this Happy Rabbit G-Spot Stroker and I love it.

As with all sex toys it comes down to person preference but if you’re looking for some kind of motion this could be the one for you. It doesn’t hammer away at you it’s more of a wave of back and forth head movement.

I had done a review on it , there’s only 13 reviews on this so far so it shouldn’t be hard to locate :slightly_smiling_face:

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With thrusting rabbits it’s usually just the top 2-4" that actually moves and the amount of movement is quite small, around 1-2", but if you’re OK with that then they’re worth considering.
My wife is not keen unless I’m using my tongue on her clitoris in which case the combination of the two together gives her very intense orgasms.

I have this one and love it although I do find that I only use a couple of the different patterns/settings.

Hey @PrettyKitty24! I’d say they’re quite different and it depends on what you like really. Each toy is different but as a very simplified explanation, thrusting rabbits go up and down mimicking penetrative sex, whereas strokers tend to mimic more of a “come hither” motion. I find strokers tend to stimulate the g-spot better, but that’s not to say thrusting one’s don’t and they still feel good!

Do you already own a “standard” rabbit? If you don’t then I’d perhaps recommend looking at those too if it’s a first toy. Rabbits in general are very anatomy dependent, but I much prefer rabbits that have a singular flexible clitoral arm, opposed to the ones with typical rabbit ears. The Mono Flex is one of my current faves. However, if you’re just looking for something different then I think a thrusting/stroking vibe is definitely a good choice.

I have the Lora DiCarlo Onda you linked and absolutely love it. The stroker on this is really unique. It’s amazing at g-spot stimulation and when you find the right positioning and length stroke etc to suit you it’s incredible. I also love that you can increase the speed of the come hither motion, so it’s great for building up to climax. However, it’s not a rabbit in that it doesn’t have the clitoral stimulation too so depends what you’re looking for. I will also say the motor is very loud so possibly a factor if you live with others you don’t want to hear or if you’re someone thats put off by noise! But I really love it.

If you already own lots of toys and are looking for something completely different then (just to throw another in the mix) the Fun Factory Sundaze is a really interesting toy. I’ve only had it about a month now but its unlike any other toy I own, and has tapping, thrusting and stroking settings. Again, this isn’t a rabbit (sorry!), and I don’t think I’d recommend to someone brand new to sex toys but perfect if you want to try out different motions!

I’m afraid I don’t yet own any of the ones that have a rotating motion, so can’t comment on those, but I was also eyeing up that Lovense one you linked!

Let us know what you go for in the end! :blush:

The Lora DiCarlo one has 40% off at the moment (still about £100 though :slightly_smiling_face:)

The Cato is half price, down to £45. Its got a pulsator on the G-Spot section. It’s quite a small rabbit, but it’s quite fun (the ‘go nuts’ climax button is a particular favourite :slightly_smiling_face:):

I think your link helped.
It’s now out of stock.
Looks fun- hope they get more in stock


Damn i was going to buy this. @Ian_Chimp link definitely helped, the go nuts button was the selling point for me :cry:

Fingers crossed this does come back in stock!