Are more expensive ones better?

Want to buy GF one. Got no idea which are best.

Can anyone save me trawling through all the reviews?

Syd wrote:

Are more expensive ones better?

To put it shortly: Yes.

For £49.99 you can get a Happy Rabbit, which is rechargable and feels amazing. It's a good start to the world of rabbits as some women don't like the harsh, metal, swirling balls inside. The vibrations have something for everyone and three individual motors - well worth the extra cash!

OR special offer for a realistic Happy Rabbit for £25!!! -


*Cough* http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/special-offers/1680/

Can't beat that really.

The best rabbit on offer right now are the happy rabbits. I'm not a huge rabbit fan but I am pretty tempted to try them. Good luck!


(Are they the ones they were developing on the TV documentary?)

But then there's 'Natural', 'Realistic' and 'G-spot'.

How to decide which? Or are they really that different?

Yeah, they were shown in development in the documentary.

They vary only slightly via their shape and colour- otherwise they're pretty similar, if not identical in everything else. That half price offer is only available on the realistic version so I'd probably choose that other the other 2 just because of the offer. However, if your partner has a preference of G spot stimulation or non-realistic ones, then the others might be suitable.

Judging by the measurements the Happy Natural Rabbit is just a tad longer in insertable length. Power and function wise they're the same.