Random timer app resulted in quite a mess

We thought we would share a new game we tried last night.

We downloaded the Randomity Timer app which gives you a random green for go and red for stop instruction for which you can set various random time lengths.

She laid back and we used some wrist cuff to restrain her hands, and lubed up the happy rabbit gspot and got it snuggled into her.

Started the timer app and on the green instruction turned it vibrator on, and waited for the red to stop it, it was a bit frustrating when it said red for her at first as she sometimes takes a while to orgasm, but then it began to get to her more and more, she was visibly getting more flushed and turned on and vocal when the timer said stop.

She got very close a few times.Then after a bit more teasing on and off she had one of the biggest orgasms i have watched her have and the timer was actually on red and the vibrator wasnt on.

We thought we would share this with you all as you might want to try it out to, please let us know if you have fun