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Sorry to hear that @pootle mate, they sound incompetent :unamused: I hope they manage to get it sorted soon :crossed_fingers:

bit delayed since the last post but my biggest rant. i became a long distance truck driver a year ago as my wife cheated on me saying it was down to me neglecting her which i would argue till im blue in the face and she said she needed space away from me. a year later my kids are missing me terribly and i hate going to work on a sunday evening. she has now said she wants me to start spending more time at home so i need to change jobs. however with the amount of monthly outgoings i now have, no other job will pay as much money so i am stuck with my current job. she is now starting to say im neglecting her again and putting work first even though i only did this for her in the first place.

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@JohnnieBench I obviously don’t know all the circumstances but is she in a position to also change jobs to make up the shortfall if you do make a change she is asking for?

Is it just me or my local or have people gone stupid driving post covid? I still had to go to work during lock down and it was brilliant. No one on the roads and I could zip right in. These days with everyone back to work it seems like many drivers went stupid. Tons of people driving in the fast lane under the speed limit and won’t move over. Others highly aggressive and passing on the wrong side or shoulder and then cutting off just to be a dic. Add in the occasional break check and you have a great ride home. There was always those few that were an issue before covid but it seems to me that it is way worse post covid. What’s the deal?


I definitely think too many drivers play too many computer games and watch things like The Fast and Furious films and think driving like that has no consequences in the real world.

As an old gentleman and former firefighter , emergency responder . Also have been riding motorcycles for well over 50 years . It is hard to pinpoint any one thing for the idiots on the road . Covid may have contributed . I can not help but think many of the automotive devices that come standard on cars contribute . Before seat belts were required and then air bags , people ( even the dense one ) understood there was a high price to pay for a wreck . Then ABS brakes , lane sensors , auto braking etc. The average driver today has no idea how their vehicle handles any given condition . We must give credit to cell phones too . The average drivers test has nothing to do with actual driving . The grocery store I shop at people are so polite to each other , I often comment " wouldn’t it be nice if people applied the same courtesy while driving ?" . A similar anger of trolls on the internet , hiding behind their keyboards . I have no idea how to correct this malfunction with the general population . When I was with law enforcement I would tell fellow officers that if I were the head of licensing , there would be at least 50% less drivers ( and that was in the mid 80s . As a side note , it does make riding motorcycle more challenging to keep from getting killed by all the idiots .


There is no excuse for cheating, if people aren’t happy they should leave the relationship. I hate people not taking responsibility for themselves.


As my wife is trying to lose weight before her hip replacement in early March while battling the worst pain she has had over her 25 years of pain managemnet . I do absolutely everything I can for her and to help her , but it never feels like enough . The amount of total medicines she takes would boggle your mind . A blend of pain medicines , muscle relaxers and nerve medicine along with many others make her thought process less than ideal . Then she gets mad at herself for things she forgets or does not do . Ironic that she needs to lose weight and can barely walk more than 20 steps at a time . If everything goes well , hopefully she can have the planned surgery and have it help her pain levels . We have not gone out for dinner in 6 or 7 years . Last motorhome trip was 7 years ago . I dream of getting to enjoy life a bit more , and of course getting back to a mild sex life . Sorry , had to unload somewhere .

And you know we’re here for you @Oldman. Much love coming your way from across the pond xx

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In a similar but not as bad situation, so i sympathise. You know we are always available for support. :people_hugging:

@JohnnieBench apologies if this sounds a bit blunt but your wife sounds a bit of a narcissist (just like my ex!) Cheating in my book is unforgivable and when youm busting your bollocks to bring home the bacon to look after your family you can do no more.
People don’t realise the sacrifices we as driver’s make in our line of work and imho your wife is being very unreasonable and you need to talk it out or it’ll end in tears and yes I’m speaking from experience!
@be3169 me and my colleagues have said exactly the same many times! Like you i worked through lockdown and it’s the first time I’d enjoyed driving in years,the empty roads were a dream and trip times were much shorter as a result, sadly upon releasing the masses it very quickly became apparent the standards of driving had fallen off a cliff!!!
@WillC completely agree with the film/video game analogy plus @Oldman is also ont money with the technology comments, vehicles are made with to much tech and thus to many distractions and a false sense of security to boot,add to that over inflated egos and it’s an accident waiting to happen!
Final note @WillC and @Oldman I’m right there with ya on wife’s health issues, we’ve had NO bodily contact for nearly 3 years now and sometimes it nearly kills me to think that unless i 1 cheat (big no no) 2 get divorced or 3 become a widower I’m probably never going to have any kind of sex life again!!!


Got another one… dumb asses texting and walking in public areas paying absolutely no attention to their surroundings. The number of times people have walked into me because they were typing and not looking where they were going is unreal. I actually saw a person walk out in front of a fire truck on emergency call completely ignore the siren while they were typing as crossing the intersection. I have turned it into entertainment. When I see someone coming that is paying no attention to where they are going I stop and just stand still to see if they walk into me. If they do, I flip out on them just for fun.

Hmmm… I like the rant thread. LOL

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I have the utmost respect for your commitment to your spouse Oldman. ( I still hate calling you that btw ). I am fortunate enough to know that either myself or my spouse would do the same for each other. Best wishes for a speedy recovery. It took me a year to rebuild my ankle after a surgical rebuild and all the physio.

@pootle I only just caught this comment tonight. I have gone 15 years without but our relationship is still solid and that comes from a very kinky active background in our earlier days. Yes, I have explored way more solo stuff as a result looking for sensations and experiences to compensate but I am always faithful to my wife in the process. Sex and sexuality doesn’t need to be ruled out just because you don’t have an active partner. Just don’t hide stuff from her in the process.


Thanks @KinkyMira , @WillC , @pootle , @be3169 . As I mentioned before , our real active sex life has been over two decades . In the first year or so I threw away many sex toys and went cold turkey , but finally realized I needed to keep my man bits in operating condition . I am pretty creative and use my imagination and fantasies all the time . I do perform for my wife when she feels up to having a show . She has suggested multiple times I get a fuck buddy , but I am not wired that way . Winter here and it is the time my arousal is lowest . Summer brings me right up to a super horny older guy that I am . My smart ass brain often thinks " You are reaching the best if used by date " . All we can do is the best that we can do . Group hug . :people_hugging:

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Good call. That needs to be a mutual decision, not a pity decision for the lack of a better term. The fact that you declined says your relationship is totally committed and solid. A long term relationship isn’t about getting “the dinky stinky” to use school boy terms.

Interesting. I am the exactly the same way. The summer sun and water just seems to pump up the arousal-meter every year.

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Starting to think this should be the “grumpy old man” thread.

Self check outs! I hate them unless I have two small items with bar codes clearly visible. If I have a shopping cart full of stuff, anything bulky in nature, or anything from the bulk or produce section… frig that. Not doing it. I want a real person checking me through.

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You calling me grumpy ? Just kidding , LMAO . I extremely rarely use self check-out myself . I am more of a fellow human interaction kind of guy . Plus I figure that for every one of the self check outs , that is one less person that has a job . We need a secret handshake that AI does not know about . It will have to be an inside the handshake finger movement so AI can not view it through one of the billions of security cameras . BTW , my wife has has up to five or six hours of relief from her maximum pain each day for the last two days , yay !

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Great news but still not the end solution. I experienced big time pain for several months after surgery a few years back. I know how it alters your life. Best wishes going forward.

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It’s been two decades since I was involved in the dating scene but it still sticks in my mind the number of times I was told “I’m into everything”.

Cool, let’s try some pee play. “Eew, that’s disgusting.”

Ok, flog my butt until it’s bright red. “I’m not into pain.”

Well, how about I dress in lingerie? “Are you gay or something?”

Can I shave your pussy? “My doctor might see.”

Can I tie you up? “I’m claustrophobic.”

How about we oil up both our bodies and have sex on plastic sheets? “I have skin allergies.”

So, what are you actually into? “Well, sometimes I get on top.”