Rant Thread - Get it all out here

It’s not that it is a disagree it’s a Fact that you are using a platform of social media. It’s not what you think that counts is it.

1+1 =2 that’s a Fact but it’s up to you if you think 1+1 =3 but it doesn’t make it right.

The internet is a form of media, the forum is a social gathering of like minded people…Social media.

Facebook and X are forms of social media too, just cos they use algorithms and the forum doesn’t, doesn’t negate the fact they are all types of social media.

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Yeah @be3169 unfortunately you are definitely out numbered with this one. This is 100% social media. You’re sucked in my friend :rofl:

Even googling the term social media, I would absolutely class this as a form of it.


Nothing wrong with being the odd man out.

I’m not quite sure where to post this idea but this seems as good as anywhere else….

I’m noticing a collection of threads that all align with similar tops…. CD, Bdsm, fashion, lingerie, foreplay, relationship advice etc.

Has there ever been a plan to set up more specific ‘ rooms’ or ‘lounges’ to hold multiple threads next to each other?

I know you can filter by category, though sometimes the categories can seem very broad

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I have to admit I would like to see a romantic / passionate topic forum separate from general sex talk.

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I suppose with a more romantic/passionate topic people would be going into more detail and be breaking rules ? how do you go into to detail without going in to detail lol

@Natalie Might be best to pop this in the Great Big Suggestions thread, it’s more likely to be seen by Brenna and the LH team.

Great idea!

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My rant why does a person have to use the laughing emoji to put over he doesn’t like men uploading pictures if they are in womens lingerie, I thought we got rid of a emoji so that wouldn’t happen. Instead he has just taken a fun emoji to degrade someone.


I had never noticed but went back to look and you are correct. At least emoji’s are attached to a username so we know who is doing it.

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@be3169 Unfortunately nothing will be done he is known to be like this with comments, and used a emoji last time thankfully the emoji got removed because it wasn’t needed and was used wrongly.

Totally agree with you @teacake. It’s judgemental and disrespectful. I think some people think that the lingerie thread is there for them to look at images they find attractive, thats not the point of the thread though, is it? There are plenty of other sites out there with erotic photos. I thought the lingerie thread was to build up people’s confidence and give ideas to the rest of us of what certain styles would look like on a range of body shapes. Maybe a rule needs to be added about being respectful and inclusive especially related to the lingerie thread. In all honesty, if you don’t like something, just move on and look at something else. Personally I only use the thread occasionally to see what LH lingerie looks like on other body shapes if I’m in the mood to treat myself.

Slightly off topic but I’d really appreciate some way of indicating if an item of lingerie pictured in the lingerie thread is available from LH, it would be really helpful!


Have to agree with that comment. It’s been more than once I have tried Googling a brand name on a waist band trying to find the same item.

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@Kitty-Cat01 I too would like to see stricter rules and consequences to those that repeatedly break the rules because this person knows the forum is a body positive place to be. He has been called out on this a few times but still doesn’t change his way, When he has been called out on it he will say sorry but you can clearly see who couldn’t care less about being disrespectful. If you want to perv on pictures then there is other places to do that. If you don’t like a picture or that guys wearing lingerie then don’t say anything.


I’ll put it in the suggestions thread then and see is anyone else agrees :+1:

@Himeros1 On a phone, if you press and hold the heart icon, other emoji options should come up. Not sure about the desktop version though!

People laughing at lingerie photos is so ignorant and one more reason why I’ll never post a photo of myself. That could be really damaging to the poster, all bc they don’t like men in lingerie, grow up and scroll on. Maybe we need to do away with the lingerie photo thread.


No problem, glad you sorted it :grin:

Fantastic! We can finally agree to disagree. LOL Personally I find the lingerie photo posts add to the site. It’s those looking for jollies that ruin it as opposed to those looking at the clothing worn or the photography aspects. It’s not a beauty contest nor a porn site. I will be curious to work out how many men versus women have posted but with 3500+ posts I need a really boring day to go through all the posts to work out the percentage but I am curious.