Just wondering how many times do most people manage to do the deed before feeling raw? My partner says that she can only go 5 times...

about 4-6 times but when i do start to feel sore, i'd stop for 15 mins, relax and then lube up. Although, I find with a longer 4play session, it enables me to go for longer

in what kind of time period?

honestly for me in a day 3 or 4 but then I don't feel raw I just don't want it anymore and I am tired, use lube if she is getting sore it will help

my comment was in regards to 1 evening btw x

In my early days i did it 8 times in one night with the same guy i hasten to add- never got sore.... that might have meant he was small perhaps???.. so long ago i cannot remember!

Ah... sweet memories come flooding back. Cant recall in the the last 7 years having more than two sessions in one evening.

I agree slower and sensual means can go longer without pain, hard and fast much quicker

the light that burns twice as fast....