Re-purposing Sex Toys

(I have a feeling a similar thread exists, but I have not the slightest idea how to go about finding it).

Today I found out that the Fun Factory Stronic Eins seriously makes a wonderful lint "roller" (which I don't have) - I got fibres off my black blouse that had survived the washing machine.

What discoveries have you made?

Never thought of using silicone for that purpose but it sure is a dust magnet!

Not all of them to that extent, but Fun Factory's is the worst I've found so far. I keep the Eins wrapped up in a paper towel inside a drawstring bag and for once I felt the need to clean the toy before use, as it was covered in dust and hairs (how do vaginas react to cat hair?)

It was covered in dust even though it was stored well?
I imagine it depends whether or not you are allergic to cat hair, a decent clean should eliminate any danger though.

Haha, that's certainly a good way of making a positive out of a negative with dust magnet toys :)

We repurpose dildos fairly often. One on my partners bedside cabinet is a loo roll holder (for post sex clean up, night time runny noses etc). One on my side is a hair bobble holder. They often act as paper weights on my desk, or to prop up items I am photographing (hidden behind the object obviously). They make good emergency spider killers when a spider infiltrates your bed. The list goes on. They're more useful as objects than as sex toys in this household!

I've briefly used a (retired) suction cup butt plug as a door stop. Effective!

Can't think of anything terribly out there we've done with toys though tbh.

I've used a suction cup dildo stuck to my door to hang clothes on when i've run out of space on the drier. It was a bit too thick to get a coat hanger over it though

I once recieved the two pack of Lustfingers (textured finger sleeves) for free with an order. Never got on with them as sexual objects, but I use them constantly as scrubbers in the bath/shower.

hahaha I love this thread. I don't know why I've never thought of using silicone to attract lint and dust. It's perfect for that.

I think someone on here used a dildo to kill wasps ! Can't for the life of me remember who it was though lol x

I received a free FSOG charley tango vibrating dildo as part of an order. It really wasn't for me, too noisy, hate non rechargeable toys and the straightness of it doesn't do anything for me. But, it does make a good foot roller when I'm suffering from fallen arch pain as a result of plantar fasciitis!