Real Feel

My lady and I are on the lookout for a double-ender so that we can have an end each in our respective orifices.
Length and girth aren't important, but we want something that feels real.
Anybody got a recommendation, based on personal experience, of a double dildo that feels like the real thing when its inside?

The Monster Double Dildo sounds like it could be right up your respective alleys, but it looks like LoveHoney is out of stock at the mo:

But if you click the little talky head button, you can enter your e-mail address and get an automatic e-mail reminder when it's back in stock.

There is a product called Double Wammy,it might be what you are looking for

this is in stock now to order

i have 1 on my website ,but unfortunatly they keep knocking my link off, so if you want to go manually rather than a direct link here goes
its my name and then go to anal sex toys and its on page 4

good luck

Looks good! I may try it sometime...