Rebuilding a collection - what would you do differently?

Hi all, after a bad breakup i need to rebuild my toy and lingerie collection, and it's got me thinking would you build your collections differently knowing what you know now?

Sorry if this has been asked before.

I know one thing I will consider is buying less toys but more thought out and expensive ones when I do buy. I definately bought lots of cheap toys to start with that I never really used much, and I think sometimes it's better to have few toys you really enjoy.

I would invest in products made from good materials - body-safe silicone, metal, glass etc and do away with cheap cock rings and vibes. You only have to spend a little bit more to get much more premium materials.

Hindsight is always 20/20 right?

So I guess part of the jouney was figuring out what worked for me and my body and pushing myself a bit at times.

If I were to rebuild a sex toy collection I would never again buy jelly toys LOL... I just have figured out silicone is just better for me and my body. I would focus on the categories I know I want in my life:

1. a really good strong rabbit

2. a wand, fulled sized and powerful

3. a mid range silicone dildo / preferably with a suction cup

4. a glass dildo for temperature play

I think that would be a solid start. Of course I dont assume to know what you need for partner play but a nice silicone cock ring is a must around my house.

As far as lingerie, I have discovered I tend to buy too much black and end up with repeaters so i would try to inventory my items better and focus on expanding my range vs. staying always in my comfort

I never really thought about materials at all when I first started, I definately had a couple of jellies early on!!

Vanessa, I think you've hit the nail on the head with the black lingerie issue. It's very easy to choose black and I think remembering to branch out is a great idea - thanks!

Hey Subbysam

Sorry to hear you've had a bad time, my love - I hope life is much much better for you now.

I agree with Vanessa's suggestion. I'd also become active here, and read through peoples reviews of products. Its pretty easy to soon work out who likes what kind of products, and if they match what you like. There's a few 'Power Queens' who's reviews I always look out for when buying new products - in fact, what ever I'm buying I tend to look for their reviews as I've always found them reliable. It's so easy to fall in love with the appearance and blurb of a product only to buy and it doesn't live up to your expectations.

I dont think I would change much. Some of our buys have been a little ho hum (nipple suckers) but for the most part all have gone down well.

We have just graduated from beginners butt plugs to the next level up (LH & fifty shades glass), but would not have had the confidence to buy these off the bat (if we went too far too soon it would likely have ended the anal play journey).

We did have a throw out recently of some old vibes (plastic beginners one and a jelly one) but even they served a purpose for a while.

Whilst we are now onto some better quality toys and more variety etc, without even those basic "dipping our toes in" cheaper type toys, it's unlikely we would be where we are now.

If we had to start again now due to unforeseen circumstances, we'd certainly miss the beginner phase and go straight for quality, oh and rechargeable, whatever toy it is USB all the way (never had mains powered)

I've been semi active here in the past and bought and reviewed toys that I've used, it's definately a great community to help with that side of things.

I think even some of the great toys I've had I'd find hard to replace exactly because that feels wrong - rebuying something exactly the same just because it's been lost to a breakup, but will definately look into similar of favourites.

I mean as much as loosing toys sucks it's also a great opportunity to build a great collection. Now that I have the experience of a whole range of toys and I am probably going to skip some of the more beginner toys and go for things that I know should be good, because I've found as you find you like a toy you "upgrade" and then the cheaper version sits sad and unused anyway!