Rechargable clitoral vibe comparison (solo AND partner play)

Hello lovely folks!

So, a few months back I purchased a wevibe nova and it's just brilliant. However, it is waaay too awkward to try and maneuver between two bodies and the cheap battery operated bullet vibes I've had in the past are too buzzy and just numb my clitoris, which is endlessly frustrating and no fun. So, as vibes are back in rotation I was considering investing in a good clitoral vibe that I could pair with my glass dildos for solo fun or some horizontal hustling between the sheets. I'm not a crazy power fiend, but rumbly vibrations are a must, waterproof is preferable and rechargable is non-negotiable. So, what have I been looking at??

Wevibe tango
Mimi soft
LH flash

So... how have these fared for you? Does the shape of the Mimi make it weird to hold during sex? How does the vibration strength of the LH flash compare? Does anyone have both the tango and nova? How do they compare pattern/ power wise??

I'd greatly appriciate any advice!


Explain what you mean regarding the Nova?! I own it so I might be able to offer some advice!

Regards bullet, I also own the tango which I can highly recommend - it delivers serious rumbly power! I don't however own the other two so I can't offer advice on those! If you want to use it for making a piece of glass vibrate, I don't think any of the above will penetrate through the glass enough!!

A wand such as the doxy would prob be a better option!!


I do not have the LH flash, however the Tango is the most powerful bullet that's available at the moment. I don't think the Flash would be even remotely close to the strength of the Tango.

I am yet to find another bullet vibrator that is as good as the We-Vibe Tango, but there are a few other clitoral vibrators, including the Mimi Soft, that are pretty strong. If you're wanting rumbly vibrations, both the Mimi and the Tango offer this, so the decision of which to get would be down to your preferences.

I think the Tango feels slightly more aggressive as it's made from ABS, which makes it more rigid and more able to provide pinpoint stimulation. The vibrations from the Mimi are dulled a little bit by the silicone, so whilst it's still strong, it's not quite as raw as the Tango.

So my advice would be to go for the Tango if you want direct/pinpoint stimulation or the Mimi if you want slightly broader stimulation.

I have the Tango and the Nova. They have the same motor, so if you love the Nova for solo play, I'd say the Tango is your best bet!

The Tango isn't awkward to hold between two bodies either, and can easily be used during sex :-)

Hello there! Haha, I was just being a dolt and seeing if I could turn the nova sideways and use it as a clitoral only vibrator because I just got stuck last weekend and could not get off without something to push me over. Not at all the intended use of that particular toy, so I thought I'd get something small that I could slip between two bodies or use just on my clit while playing with other insertables solo.

Anyhow...I'm not trying to make the glass vibrate, just my clitoral area, but the thought of tango's hard plastic slipping and pinching/catching very sensitive skin between glass and plastic sounds like an ouch combo. I'm a generally clutzy person and when shaking with pleasure all bets are off! So, maybe I'm just overly cautious, but in general I try to stick to hard/ soft or soft/ soft combos. E.g. if I am using a metal or glass anal plug I go with a silicon dildo. This is basically the only reaon I included the Mimi soft in the running. Do you think I'm crazy here has this ever been a problem for you??

Also, I have a few questions for you if you don't mind:
How do the patterns/ intensity of nova (on the clit vibrator only setting) compare to tango? Are they more or less powerful? How does the silicone compare to the plastic in terms of comfort and orgasm quality? Finally, this has nothing to do with the tango, but does one motor stop working when you clench tightly around your nova? This occured a few times when I got it, but has been happening more frequently recently and I don't know if it's because I'm clenching harder or if the motor is faulty/ dying. Just curious.

Thanks for your time!

When it comes to Nova, the silicone does tend to mask the power slightly so the tango is more powerful imo! If you enjoy the Nova, you'll love the tango!

Nah. I think you should be good with the slipping, the new tango is a little bit longer so it's easier to hold just wipe the lube off 😂😂

No, the motor issue hasn't happened me. I does sound like a toy issue tbh as I personally think the motor is covered well enough by silicone not to be affected with clenching so it might be worth your while mentioning that to live chat!


Thanks for the feedback LittleSwitch :)

Hi there NatandTom, do you have the mini soft? How is the shape for holding onto/ slipping between two bodies durring sex? I'm worried the shape may be a bit awkward even though I think the softer material might be for me.

Hood to know the motors are the same and that tango is couples compatible Foxxy!

detailsdove wrote:

Thanks for the feedback LittleSwitch :)

Hi there NatandTom, do you have the mini soft? How is the shape for holding onto/ slipping between two bodies durring sex? I'm worried the shape may be a bit awkward even though I think the softer material might be for me.


I do. I haven't gotten round to reviewing it yet, but I've had it several months and haven't had any real problems using it during sex. It's palm sized, so is petite enough to hold between us in most positions. The only positions we've struggled to use it in is close contact ones such as laying down and facing each other, but I've found a way around it. Holding the vibrator upside down so that the tapered end surrounds the clitoris and the buttons are facing me seems to work well. It's slightly more awkward to change function, but it stops it from getting in the way of penetration.

Hope that helps!

No bother hun. Hope I helped x

Hmm, you sound like you have quite a collection! Are the picks I've narrowed it down to your top choices for my intended use? Should I be considering anything else as well?

Thanks for the helpful advice!!

I would absolutely recommend this to everybody: - it is rumbly, rechargeable, waterproof. Insanely powerful (I am not a power queen), but won't really numb me. My best bullet by far.

Second best choice, the Flash: - very powerful, rechargeable, waterproof. Softer than the previous one, and not as powerful, but still very much so. I love it for its smoother sensations. Also slightly longer, so easier to grip onto between to bodies.

The forum users have mixed reviews about this one: - but I like it. Again, very powerful (though not sure if rumbly), and rechargeable and waterproof. Its biggest advantage would be the easy grip you'd have in all situations due to its size and shape.

I have briefly owned a Tango and it was much more than what I would need and could handle in terms of power. I was happy to return it.