Recommend a Xmas Pressie

She already has a Thruster Rabbit and a keyring rabbit that she loves. We also have a jelly dildo that she not so keen on. What else could I get her for Xmas?
She likes anal but has had some painful experiences with it so tends to shy away.
I would like to find something playful and fun that we can use time and again. Any suggestions?

What about a couple's toy like the tonguejoy or a cone Or for anal what about an easy starter kit like or

you could buy her some lovely outfits & lingerie,thier,s a shop on ebay called Giant.jin sexylingerieOL shop,i have brought a few lovely pieces from thier & are very cheap,the problem is ,it can take up to 7 or 10 days for delievery but the prices for thier outfits & lingerie it,s well worth it .

that 1st one happy camper looks amazing - talk about value for money

The iBuzz is pretty good fun for both of you to enjoy, together or separatley. You could match it up with an ipod if she hasn't already got one. Just make sure you get some bangining tunes aswell!!

How about something to put all her toys in? :)

That 'For Her' stocking is rather good.
I should know -- I've got everything on it with the exception of the book and the regular lube!

Christmas-wish for "her stocking" posted to my own private Santa :D

omg its only 29 days til xmas! i really should be getting some pressies soon!!lol i wish i could do it all on lovehoney, all delivered to my door :D dont think my nan would appreciate a rampant rabbit or my dad a butt plug for beginners kit lol! ah well i'll have to come off lovehoney for at least an hour sometime i suppose :D

I've bought so many vibes etc., in the last couple of months thinking how organised I was getting all my female friends great sex toys for christmas...but when they arrive...they're just too tempting...especially after I read the reviews you lot write!
My lastest purchase of 'clone a willy' arrived today..and was intended as a stocking filler for my hubby....and reading the's pretty obvious that once's really for
I never used to be such a selfish girl before I discovered Love Honey!