Recommend positions

I want to suprise the bloke. Have been the submissive, the domanatrix and all the kinky jazz I wanted to try, and now I'm on the look out for something that will look like I havn't planned it lol.

So- if you lovely dirty lot want to give me some fantastic new positions to try, that'd be lovely.

And then I can think of a way to explain the new moves. 'Oh *insert OA name here* taught me it'...

The problem with this is that we don't know what positions you know already. I could be all "Try the missionary, it's amazing" And you'd reply, "Oh, I've done that one".

Well I'll start with some of my favourites (with the provision that you probably know them, but someone else might not).

Number 1 fave doggie obviously. On all fours, him behind. Feels dirty, very different to missionary. Nice and deep.

2 on my back, him kneeling, my calves resting on his shoulders, legs pushed back (does that make sense??) You have to be pretty flexible but if feels good and you can have eye contact.

3 CAT collital alignment technique. Very similar to missionary but he's a bit further up on your body and you grind together. Great for clit stimulation.

4 Lifted up facing him (best against a wall). Legs wrapped round his back, rocking slowly together. Won't last for long but has a great sense of urgency to it.

Sorry if you find these boring, but they're my favourites.

GrayMatter- doesn't matter if I've tried them- might have been forgotten lol. And other people can get the kick from them too.

Okay. I'll put in the ones I enjoy.

Imeldaimelda totally stole 2 off've me though, that's a fav in our household.


1) The woman, you, lies on her back with her legs together on their side. Like doggie but twisted through 90 degrees. It works well if you have a thick willy, as then it presses against her g spot. If not it'll still get her going, but doesn't make you come as quick as say doggie or man on top. But it does give the same amount of pleasure to the woman. Winner.

2) Man crosses legs. Sits on his bum. Girl climbs into man's lap sitting on his thighs. The man lifts his knees and so lifts the girl. At this point his cock should be rubbing your g spot amazingly well, if not adjust for height differences. Continue until girl is screaming and moaning. Then the fun starts. The man drops his knees and plunges his cock deep into her pussy. Continue this until both lie drained on bed.

I'll write more another time. It should be noted that your hands can wander where they like during these positions since they're hands free.

Another favourite (and in An Officer and A Gentleman) is him sat up propped against pillows and her riding on top with her tits in his face. Full hands roaming and breast kissing mmm.

There's also all the girl on top ones with him lying down mainly, also the reverse cowgirl one, with her on top but facing away from him.

I can never get in to the reverse cowgirl- feels like I'm being stabbed! Mind you, to counteract it I have to lean forwards which gives him a great ass view...

The officer and a gentleman one is my personal favourite- gets me cumming every time without fail.

Gonna have to try up against the wall (always wanted to try that- will have to suggest it), and the crossed leg one sounds lotsa fun.

Keep 'em coming! I have a week away from the bloke so plenty of time for education lol.

(lol- imeldaimelda's no 2 is a favourite of mine as well. Looks like everyone loves the acrobatics!)

One of my personal favourites is the girl lies on the very edge of the bed on her back. The man then stands beside the bed (if your mans very tall or the beds high/low you can work around using pillows for a boost). The girl Can do anything with her legs that she finds comfortable (Though i reccomend she sticks em in the air and the mang grabs her ankles). Pros for him are an awesome view of your partner beneath you Pros for her full clitoral access and good gspot stimulation apparantley