Recommendations please...

Hi there

I'm new to the forums and fairly new to sex toys :)

I've recently discovered the joys of anal with my husband, what dildo would you recommend to use vaginally at the same time? Found my current vibrator too rigid?

Thanks in advance...

I don't know how big the vibe you were using is or what material it was made out of, but something made out of a softer silicone might be your best bet - either of these look like a reasonable size but I don't know how soft they are:

If you want something that's bigger, thicker, or more realistic, this one maybe? Tantus O2 silicone has a really nice, almost squishy sensation.

Vixskin dildos are expensive but if you ever want to make an investment on a sex toy I'd highly recommend anything made out of Vixskin, the silicone they're made of is super soft and squishy with a lot of give so I imagine they'd be absolutely perfect for dp. The Spur is their smallest one, here -

If you were after something that's not too rigid but vibrates, maybe one of the Rocks Off toys with the silicone sleeve/attachments would be good, but I don't know if those would be too small for you? Either way, I hope some of this is helpful!

dont know if these are particuly relevent but i love This: for anal play and This: works well both vaginaly and analy for me and also comes in a slim version.

even if they are not what you are looking for they are my two best buys out of all the toys i own.