the wife has expressed in interested is a vibrator that will service both holes at the same time, anyove have a view on possible options?

I am no expert but there is one in the top ten list, vibrator section. Unless a different size is required.....

So there is. thanks for that mcmad. I will now haveto try and hunt it down.

Lumme. There one called the Doc Johnson Double Penetrator. And also another called the Double Bunny. And also have a look for the Pink Prober.

The Doc Johsnon Double Penetrator is featured in this month's FHM -- they described it as like having your own Premiership football team round for drinks!

Try the Auto Erotica - it's listed on here somewhere - it's a strange looking beast but surprisingly effective.

Try the double penetrator or vac-u-lock natural double penetrator the cheapest i've found in the uk is at

Thanks for your messages, suze69. It would be much better for the community if you had something to contribute other than blatant plugs for your Web site.

If you visit the contact area, there is a feedback option for "I am a retailer and I want you to link to my site".

Perhaps you should use it?!