Recommended prostate massager under £20

So, hey all. I've had a couple of butt-plugs for a while now, but I've never experienced prostate stimulation, so I've been looking at getting a cheapish vibrating prostate massager. There are a lot of options below £20, but I can't see any one that would appear to be the "best"; every one either has mixed reviews, or simply not enough reviews to really be useful. So, has anyone used any that they'd recommend?


Had a look in the £10 - £20 range this has the most stars from it being reviewed in this section - then this is the next best rated with this too

in the £20 to £30range if you can afford to spend a little more you could get one of these -

I would read the reviews as they will help to a little more.
This was one of our first purchases, and has served us well.

Alternatively, a good, angled glass dildo is a great investment, and is also very versatile. We find the clear one from this set the easiest for prostate massage:

I have this one and enjoy the two different sensations that each end of the glass dildo gives you. The rippled end is great for in and out entry whilst the bulb end is great for prostrate fun. It will milk you.

It is currently listed as out of stock but could be worth the wait.