Recommended Toy!

Hi Guys,

Two questions really...

we had a brill vibe from LH (I think) which died recently and I'm looking for something simliar. It was a really thin silver bullet on a wire with batteries. It really worked for the wife for her clit, got right in to it and that worked best for her. Anyone recommend something similiar - can't seem to find much that fits the bill...she likes really direct clit vibration (we have the Wevibe which is good and the 50shades bullet - but they arn't really thin enough like this other toy was)

Secondly, we use to have a wand but she said it didn't direct vibrations enough to the clit - the head was just to big and numbed the area - hence the vibrator talked about above being far better. any how I'm thinking of trying again and also utilising some different heads. Can anyone recommend a decent wand and maybe some nice heads that might help out?

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This one is quite thin and operated via a remote control. Most vibrators in this category seem to be getting smaller but wider, so this is the closest I could find.

Wands tend to provide broader stimulation, so it might not be the best toy to go for if that doesn't do anything for her. Saying that, there are a couple of attachments that might work.

This one is different but very good, slim and you can direct the stimulation well, so she might like it.

This one sounds like the closest to your description