Hi guys I’d love to know what you guys would recommend and what is good as me and my partner don’t have to many toys and we would love more. We do have a wand which we purchased from love honey :star_struck: which I love and my partner loves using it on me :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: but that’s the main one we use really and we like bondage to so any recommendations is appreciated xx


Ropes, vibrating butt plugs, bullets, dildos… Alsorts.

Why not sit together and look through the website and make an evening seeing what you’d both like

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I think the idea of looking through the site with your partner is the right thing to do, you can then save ideas and purchases things as you can afford them. It really depends on what sort of things you like/fantasies are.

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Bullets can make a good change from a wand, see what’s on offer but I’d avoid anything other than rechargeable, AA or AAA batteries due to the cost.

So many potential things you could get! I’d recommend you and your partner make an evening of it to browse the LH website and see what both takes your fancy :nerd_face:

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I agree with the others, browse the different categories with your partner and add anything to your saved items that tickles you.
If anything it’ll give you the ideas you’re wanting.

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I suggest you each browse the website and send each other ideas of what you’d like, make some wishlists!


Like others have suggested, spend some time ‘shopping’ either together or separate then talk about what interested each of you. My OH and I sat down and did that together when we were getting started. It was a lot of fun and we learned things about each other. Most importantly though, we were communicating. Have fun!!

Browse together like has been suggested.

Think the basics for me would be a rechargeable wand…rechargeable bullet. Also a metal or glass butt plug and a clitoral suction toy. My bloke isn’t into toys so can’t help in that area.

I love a ball gag but not been with a partner willing to go along with that for a while.