Recommending toys to friends

Does anyone else in their day to day lives talk to friends and try and recommend things to them? I'm a lorry driver and spend alot of time talking to my mates via cb or phone. I'm very open about telling them about stuff I have bought on here and giving them honest reviews. I'm surprised how many of my friends are actually quite prudish. One of them will phone me up regular to see whats new on the sex front but another one was horrified when I said that me and my wife have a box full of toys. He just couldnt imagine ever using them with his long term girlfriend.

Has anyone else have an opinion on this or am i just sharing too much with my friends? lol

No the only person that knows I own toys is my wife. I don't think I could ever imagine myself chatting to my mates about thing I like to stick up my bum! 😁

i stopped caring what people thought a long time ago. but to be honest most of the stuff we own is the things to make her go weak at the knees. I'm a real pleaser lol

I'm a very open and honest person, and I live by "you can ask me anything as long as you are prepaired for an honest answer". I regularly chat with a group of close friends about sex, toys and fun. Some of them are gay and some streight, but in my experience streight couples are more prudish than gay couples. We regularly exchange ideas and toy recommendations.

Some of my closest work colleagues know I'm a sex toy reviewer, but they rarely ask about things.

I have never spoke to any of my male friends about any of the toys me and my wife have got or anything we do in the bedroom, don't think men are brave enough or just that open, we have a female friend that my OH does talk to about their toys and they even compare their purchases and experiences from playing with their collections, she is our best friend so she knows everything we do in the bedroom, even I can go in to detail with her without feeling uncomfortable, she loves listening to what we tell her as it gives her an idea of what she would like from a relationship if she luckily enough to find the right man.

I don't talk about because most of my friends come across quite prudish as well. But I wouldn't have problem saying that I love sex toys and recommend some if they asked me. To be honest I feel most people are really curious and would like to try something, but they're just a bit too worried with other's opinions. I couldn't care less about other people's opinions on my sex life.

I'm very open here, but would not say anything whether via chat/text/or any other way?

Yes, I'm an open book, I give recommendations for things I have tried and talk openly with everyone, probably with the exception of my Dad and a select few others. My Mum and Aunties know though X

Yep - I was actuaally discussing toys with my friend this morning and I told her all about glass. She responded with the expected 'but won't they break?' comment and by the end of the conversation she'd ordered the Icicles no 8!

I have a few close girlfriends I discuss sex toys with... but it is not something I lead a conversation with outside of my small group of already established friends.

My husband and I do, Ive even shown some of them off lol. I have no embarrassment at all when it comes to things like that. I've even recommnded vibrators to my mum ![](upload://5BDs2y1gm13l2R58ovmAMxyNM3f.gif) I won't speak to someone who does get shy or is at all uncomfortable with talking about it but if someone wnats to know something or asks me then I'm happy to chat away.

Yep...I do all the time. Obviously as long as they're comfortable with the conversation 😂 I've recommended so much 🙌

I would be more than happy to if anyone were to ask but I wouldn't bring it up. Only I'm probably the last person they would think of, which is sad because thanks to my time here I'm sure i'd be able to suggest something suitable, then again maybe I would just scare them off!

Yes. I talk to like minded friends about toys. Have shown them mine and vice versa.
I come from a very open minded family and I'm very open with my own children.

Yes, I'm open with some closer friends about toys, what I have and that I write reviews on LH. I don't reveal my actual username as I'm not sure how comfortable I'd be with them reading my reviews and knowing it was me... but a few have searched for me and prob read a few without knowing 😁