Regular butt plug use

How often and how log do you wear your butt plug ?
Do you wear it outdoors ? at your job ?
Do you like to sleep with ?
Like to make love plugged ?
Talk and share .

Well, I don't use a plug much these days but when we first got into pegging I used one (mainly the Tantus Ryder) as a way of helping me get used to the sensations of anal penetration. This was really successful as all the slightly unpleasant sensations (like needing to pee) subside but the pleasurable ones don't and, if anything, come through more strongly as the distracting ones disappear.

Initially I guess half an hour was all I could take but quite quickly I get to the stage where I could keep it in all day. Yes, I have worn it outdoors and at work but you need to have a plug that is big enough to stay put if you cough or sneeze! Small plugs can come out too easily.

As for sleeping with it in, initially the sensation was too strong and would keep me awake but, as with the daytime wear, I got more comfortable with this and would sometimes sleep with it in. I have also used it during love-making and it does certainly enhance the sensations, make me harder and come more easily than without it. I also tried it when stress from work problems was giving me some ED problems and it worked (but not as well as a cock ring that seems to make a good stiffy unavoidable - but I guess that is another story)

My preference with butt plugs, as with other anal toys, is for large but soft. Hard toys (especially metal or glass) are a significantly bigger challenge than similar size ones in, say, soft silicone. If you tense up in a soft toy it gives a little and it may not hurt at all but tense up on a rock hard one and it can really, really hurt.

I use my smaller Fun Factory bootie plug alot.
I wear it at home, sometimes when we go out and even at work once or twice when me and my partner get my office free for a couple of hours at work. ^_~
Thank god for decent locks on doors.
I usually don't wear it for more than 3 or 4 hours.
I don't wear it to bed, but I do love wearing it during sex or when using a vibe! <3

Seems to answer one of my questions on another forum thanks, as ever varies according to the individual!!

Thanks Tallboy

I usually wear them 2 or 3 times a week. Sometimes I wear them wherever I go, inside or outside. I do enjoy sleeping with them and they greatly enhance any sexual stimulation so I love to use them. I started off with a smaller one a few years ago, it was about 6 or so centimeters in width. Now I have a few larger ones that are 9.5 to 10.8 cm in width. More often than not I only wear the larger ones for 30 minutes to an hour. But I really enjoy using them.

I used to wear my but plugs evry night for an hour or 2 about a year or so ago but only ever use anal toys such as a vibrating butt plug when masterbating or sex or anal beads when with my partner. Using a plug was really only a way to get my body used to having anal sex and now that it happens easily I dont get the need to use them.