Remote control booty shaker

Has anyone had issues with the remote control for the Remote control booty shaker…

We can operate the bullet vibrator with the button on it, but there’s no response when we use the remote, even though the remote lights up. (We have taken out the cardboard disc in both remote and bullet)

Thinking we may have to return…

It sounds like it’s having trouble pairing up. Is there a ‘reset remote’ bit in the instructions?

I’ve just scanned through the reviews and a few mention that their remote didn’t work either. A couple put a new battery in and that worked. :+1: Someone else said it was tricky to connect reliably, but did work sometimes. Another said about knocking the antenna and that made connection trickier. And one more said the battery can come loose in the remote and you just have to wedge it in again.

Don’t know if any of that helps. :slightly_smiling_face: But if you can’t get it working contact Customer Care and they’ll sort you out a replacement or a refund. :+1:

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No reset the remote option, but have figured out that it works if the remote is approx 2 inches away from the receiver wire… so won’t be an option going around the supermarket…lol.

Tried new battery also, but still the same, gonna give if a try though, it’s not a major issue.

Oh yeah, give it a blast now you’ve got it. :slightly_smiling_face: You can still return a faulty toy if you’ve used it (as that’s often how you find it’s faulty. Though please wash it before chucking it in the post :slightly_smiling_face:). It’ll have a year’s warranty on it too.

It says the range is 3-5m, so if you’re only getting 2 inches I’d send it back. :+1:

There’s also the Sex Toy Happiness Promise too if you’ve not seen it? (the specific Promise section is under the regular return info). It’s not necessary here, but it’s useful to know. :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

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We’ve just been for a walk, it was really nice, but Bunny could only make changes if she held the remote against my arse… lol.

I mean, that does sound fun. :slightly_smiling_face:

If you liked it but fancied an upgrade a lot of people swop out the battery powered vibe for a rechargeable one as they’re often rumblier and stronger. You might want to replace this one first though so you have a working back up. :slightly_smiling_face: Not all bullets fit all sleeves, but you can generally find the measurements on the product page, in reviews, or on here. :+1::slightly_smiling_face:

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No , but I remember those machines where you stood up with a thick vibrating strap around your behind. They could really shake your booty !

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