remote control egg advice please.

Hey all,

I recently got the Tracy cox remote control love egg as a surprise for my sir:-).

I tested the distance it works by putting it on the sofa and running round the house for a few minutes pressing the remote and im very impressed however when its inserted it wont respond. It now doesnt respond at all. Does anyone know if theres a trick to it or have I broken it? I dont want to bug the c/s people if its just me being daft.

Thanks in advanced xx

You tried changing the battery? We have a different egg that came with batteries and it died after five minutes

I shall have to get batteries over the weekend it has N batteries, the one in the remote works because it lights up when you press the button :-) thanks b/v :-)

Hopefully it's just the battery x x

I suspect its the egg batteries. We got the LH one and the batteries in the egg drained after every use. Hardly use it now because batteries were quite expensive.

I read here once that you should always remove batteries when its not in use.

A lot of the battery powered eggs drain their batteries whilst in storage mode so it's best to remove them prior to putting the device away =)

I got new battiers today and it did the exact same thing so I've contacted lh about It. Im keeping my fingers crossed that I will get a refund so I can put the money towards the nalone vibrating kegel exerciser as its rechargeable and quieter, although i do feel very cheaky for asking.hope they dont mind :-) xx

You no they won't mind.... LH age to nice to ever say no lol