Replacement Rabbit!

My trusted rabbit has finnally worn out....was perfect for me in every way....but it`s no longer sold...Someone please so many to choose from....![](upload://4WyQT1gwKaQJNwhYxrKZ1rOPglF.gif)

What did you like about old rabbit?
What size was it? Length and girth?

enjoy both the penertration and need those ears to give me so mighty vibrations.....

I can recomend this

its very powerful, the patterns are good and the clit stimulator is a bit bigger than most with a larger contact area, I love it. And it's rechargable.

If it's the ears specifically that you want, take a look at the happy rabbit 2, they are very popular, and of course rechargable.

Yuhhuh huh.
Great detail, but maybe a little more specific then we can help you find one that's similar to the old one.
Do want it to thrust or rotate, want it textured or smooth, angled to g spot or straight? Any preference on material? Do you like slim or filthy or neither, long or short...?
Is rechargeable important? Is material important?

If you got it off here and it's no longer sold you should be able to find it on if you want recommendations to something similar

of what's available i have good if you like power good if you like a more traditional rabbit probably not what you want but still a decent rabbit for the size

5.5 inches long and 5 inches girth.....

thx myghost....was the !

How about this one?

looks like you have one yourself Natandtom ?

No, I just searched for one similar to your old one that had good reviews :)

I have this one and I love it!

Fun Loving wrote:

looks like you have one yourself Natandtom ????

I have that one it'll probably the most similar to the one you linked to, i think it's a really good versatile rabbit

I have the Lovehoney Dream Rabbit one that Natandtom mentioned and I love it , there's a decent amount of power in those ears !

thats what i`m looking for.....lots and lots of power in those ears....

The we vibe nova is a rabbit style and is extremely powerful :)

Vanilla your review of the Nova is GREAT!

Sxleksaker wrote:

Vanilla your review of the Nova is GREAT!

Aww thank you :) sometimes I think no one reads them lol so I really appreciate that xx

You have convinced me to buy the last two items I bought, so your reviews make me a bit poor lol :)

I have both the G spot Happy Rabbit 2 and the Lovehoney Dream Rabbit! I love them both for different reasons! The G Spot HR 2 gave me the best G spot orgasm I have EVER had, although it's quite big and he has to position it carefully otherwise it hits my cervix and hurts and the dream rabbit got me to squirt loads for the first time with my fella and the first time since I had my kids and my eldest is in Junior school!

I bought the HR2 first but found that I wanted something that took batteries as it was soo annoying if the power died and I wasn't finished yet! It is my back up and I'm so glad that I have both! Although my favourite new toy is the Doxy! (see my thread called left incoherent)


Vanilla Kink I also loved your review about the Nova, one day!! X

Many thx all....keep those surgestions coming...x