Restrained masturbation

Recently I have taken to tying up my penis when masturbating. Maybe context will help…

At the weekend i was commando and found my drawstring from my tracksuit bottoms was getting wrapped around and caught on my penis. When moving i could feel the slight pull and i liked it. I spent far too much time destroying some old trackies to retrieve the drawstring, and preceded to tie up my balls and penis in different fashions. The result was an intense climax, some sensitive after effects a new idea about masturbation.

Does anyone else indulge in this kind of thing? Do partners enjoy doing this to their other hlaves etc?


I have done in the past, and found it to be enjoyable in one way or another, nothing I've really gone into very deep or given alot of thought to mind.

It's totally understandable, you're restricting your blood flow and making the tissues swell, which makes them more sensitive.

I don't do this to Mr, but we enjoy rope play, and he uses bondage rope on me. I especially like it on my breasts because it makes them slightly swell and makes them and my nipples much more sensitive.

Make sure you're safe when you're doing it though, always have scissors handy!! We have this book which is really good. It goes over a lot of safety aspects and has lots of different types of knots you can make, I thought it was great! I'm rubbish at it though, it's a good job I'm not the one tying!

I have done this to my partner in the past with a shoelace (I don't recommend shoelaces for this job btw. They can knot really tightly etc...I kept scissors handy and just put it in a bow. Also remember, the thinner the strip of material, the more likely to "cut" into the skin, so be careful)

Anyway, yes it makes his erection much firmer and makes him feel more sensitive. I recommend experimenting with different ties, like looping around all your genitals, then trying the same thing but also looping around your balls (If you have a long enough material, you can wrap loops after loops around the balls and "extend" them away from the body and even try seperating the balls with the ties.

Ihave experienced it on my breasts and I guess the feeling is kind of similar to using that the idea is to draw more blood to the area, raising sensitivity. Definitely good fun!

I thought from the title it was about restraining from masturbation, or holding back when doing so, and nearly didn't bother to read it. So glad I did as it sounds like an interesting thing to try on the OH

Look at this LH offer something simlar as a cock ring we have used it and reviewed iit at least this is safer than laces ect -