Returning goods

Hi all
just wonderd if anyone has returned an item just because youve changed your mind
the item its self wont have been opened,
Was LH ok with this

LH will be fine! I've returned all sorts of items before (cleaned of course!) And they've never held it against me! You can return ANY item for ANY reason up to a year after you've had it.

If you're not happy, they're not happy! :)

Of course! Thats why Lovehoneys returns are amazing :)


Yes we are fine with this! Please return if you are unhappy with your item :)

I would be reluctant to send a used toy back (because it would have to be disposed off), but I have previously sent a dildo back unopened because it just wasn't what I expected. As usual, the LH cutsomer service was fantastic and there were no problems. :)

Yeah, I've done this a few times! It's not like they're going to email you with a feedback quiz to assess whether you deserve a refund or not. :p

Can you send a toy (that has stopped working) back even though you have already thrown away the packaging it came?

Thanks guys
decided to keep them 2 toys bought on impulse caus thy were in the 20% off everything weekend
have to have more will power when it comes to drowsing on LH

Well even if you change your mind later down the line Cap54 youre fine :) I sent back a love egg after 7 months, used until the batteries ran out and no packaging. I got a refund and thankfully its the only thing Ive ever decided to get my money back for (and Ive exchanged one item too)