Returns and recommendations?

What is everyone’s experience on the return policy for not being happy with a purchase?

Purchased the

It is not anything like I thought. It did nothing but slide out. I guess the issue lies in tne bulb not allowing it in. It was my first prostate toy and seen that I guess a good one has a bulb higher so it stays.

I am not leaving a review as no reason to bash it ifcit isnt for me.

I got chose this one for the fact it does the come here motion and I was wanting to order another one fron Love honey so looking for reccomendations on others that have that motion so I can purchase it.

My wife was highly dissapointed because its not usable during intercourse.

Thanks everyone!

I’ve use the Sex Toy Happiness Promise a couple of times (though a while ago now) and they were great. :+1:

They do reserve the right to turn a claim down, but I think that’s more to do with how many times you’ve claimed already. It’s definitely worth contacting Customer Care and seeing what they say. :+1::slightly_smiling_face:

@jhlowe86 you could still leave a review saying why the item wasnt for you or to your liking as that could help others