Reversable Stroker

So I bought one of these today, bought some water based lube, got myself nice and hard, put myself inside of it and felt absolutely nothing... It just made my cockhead feel really sensitive in a painful kind of way (I'm circumcised)

Is there something wrong with me or something? Have I used it wrong? Why is this not the slightest bit pleasurable??

I haven't got experience with that particular stoker. I've bought him similar reversible stokers though, he didn't rate them either. My bf is also "cut", he likes Tenga sleeves. The 3D spiral gives the best sensation for him. Good luck.

I would add, plenty of lubes helps the sensation.
We have recently upped scale to a tenga fliphole. Expensive yes! Great, yes!

Maybe you could try an open faced stroker so that you're not actually having to push yourself into it as such. Something like this one.....