Review Competition! Fun Factory Friday.

Hello all,

You may have seen the Tester List has been taken over by Fun Factory. 

The team have been awesome enough to send us some more samples too, some that are not even on Lovehoney yet as well as many of the ones on the tester list! 

So we want to give you the chance to win of these to review! I know, we spoil you.

How to get yourself in with a chance of reviewing one these for us...

You need to enter with a story/review/song about what Sexual Happiness means to you! 

We are looking for a short worded answer ( no more than 400 words)  & we are not looking any erotic stories. It could be as simple as you love buying sex toys & this brings sexual happiness to you.

As it is a review competition we will be looking for the most creative, witty, honest & possible informative entries.

Do not worry about spelling and grammar, we edit this in reviews (even we get it wrong!) 

The winners, yes that is right multiple winners will get to pick from the below items: 

Curved vibe - Blue, silicone 

Vibe with ticklers - Black, silicone

Vibe with ticklers - Red, silicone

Rabbit style vibe - Blue, silicone

As well as these:


Jam Mini

Realistic G-Twist 


Bootie Ring

To submit your entry please email with the title Fun Factory Friday Fun! 


Good Luck! 

Done! Heres hoping!

Email sent

Sent :)

Ooooh exciting! I'll give it a bash. Loving the cat gif Leanne 😂😂😂

Count me an entry and I'll email it in after work ^-^

Awesome, I loves a good competition! I'll get my thinking cap on 🎩

Email sent,

Good luck to everybody xx

count me in! ooh this is a really fun one!

Thinking cap is on! Good luck all x

Entered! That cat gif is making me giggle.

Good luck everyone, much as I would love to enter I just don't have any witty stories or poems. The trouble with being brutally honest is I struggle with imagination.

I guess I could enter with the truth, although I guess that would be very dull to read.

Good luck all, i just sent in mine ❤
Also the gif made me giggle, im sure we all looked like this as soon as we read the post!

Done, hope it's not too long. Fingers crossed

Done 🤷‍♀️

Good idea for a competition...had a go!

Just sent. Good luck everyone!

Good luck everyone!!

Just sent mine - not sure if it it hit the brief but here's hoping 😝

Good luck.. we just send it... All we can do is hope... We love trying new things on each other

I'm not sure if it's too late, but I've just sent off my two pennies worth!

Good luck all