Review for Lovehoney - All you need to know. 💜

Reviewing as a Sex toy tester 

So by now you will have read the welcome post and know this forum inside and out!

Now here is the other part of this community that makes it so fun. Reviewing for Lovehoney as a tester.

Do not be fooled by the name it is not just sex toys we also offer essentials, lingerie, bondage. Well, pretty much anything can pop up that we have on our site or due to stock.

Every week items are added to the Tester List and are sent out for review purposes. In exchange for this review, the item is kept by the recipient, amazing right?

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 14.34.34.png

So you are already on the right track by having a community account. Next step is to start reviewing items you have already purchased from us. This gives us an idea of your writing style and what you may be suited to.

If we feel that your reviews are well written, honest and informative and that you have contributed positively to the forums, you may then be selected to receive free toys to review for Lovehoney. How to write a great review will help you see what we look out for.

Please also ensure you put your address in your profile. If we don't have your current address, we can't send you products (even if we really wanted to)!

Any review can be submitted on the review page. Alternatively, the product page can be used ( as long as the item is live)

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This brings us to your wish list, to be named ‘Sex toy testers’.

Anything from the tester list can be added, as this is what we need reviews on.

Useful Links:

Housekeeping & useful information

So you want to be a sex toy tester!

Questions for reviewers

The Great Big Forum Questionnaire

Lingerie Questionnaire

Sex Toy Tester Wishlist Housekeeping

Lovehoney sex toy tester thread

Now to the key points:

Please be patient not everyone can be selected sadly, as we do have thousands of members wanting this great opportunity.

Please keep your wish list named Sex toy testers up to date, remove old items and add just the new ones that crop up. This happens on a Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. This list does need to be set to public.

Address! Make sure you have an update address in your account that we can ship to.

If you have been lucky enough to review as a tester we then have the next step, Secret testers!

Secret Testers

We will sometimes need to grab feedback or obtain reviews on an item that is not yet showing on the website. These are secret testers.

Typically these are items that are in development, we are considering stocking or a brand ‘spanking’ new’ range coming in and we want to know what you think ASAP!

A forum post will magically appear asking for reviewers on secret items - this is the chance to be selected. It is as simple as commenting on the forum thread to pop your name in for consideration. Once this post disappears, reviewers have been selected to be emailed.

To get to this level of testing we will expect more than 11 live reviews and at least one of which has been due to the tester program above.

It is a step process:

Post reviews to get noticed and to show interest in being a tester with your tester list.

Potential to review items from the tester list.

Then we may select you as a secret tester to send items that have not yet launched or are still in development.

Secret Tester FAQ

Happy reviewing!