Review of the Month December -- Nominations please!

Have you seen a review on Orgasm Army that you think should win £50 of sex toys from LoveHoney? Maybe it's one of your own!

Post the link (or links!) in this thread with a brief mention of why you like the review and all the nominated reviews will go into a draw to win the prize.

The review doesn't have to have been written in December.

Good luck! :-)

In fact, I'm going to nominate one myself... This review just in of the Smoothy Anal Prober:

What I like about it is the disarmingly charming way we find out how much she covets the Prober, before saying: "Nope, it's going down a dark dark passage."

Made me LOL :-)

And, while I'm at it, this is a great blow-by-blow (or should that be blow-up-by-blow-up) account of fun with an Inflatable Vibrating Butt Plug:

I'd like to nominate Menoptera for her exciting review of the nJoy large stainless butt plug. Well written, engaging and it made me want one! :-)

That Inflatable Butt Plug review is hot as well - and I just realised Menoptera has TWO nominations! :-)

OK, OK...i would like to nominate Bath Bi-Guy for ALL his reviews - every single one has been informative and funny and makes me want to buy!!

Thank you for the nominations! Menoptera's name came out of the hat first (there weren't many names in there!).

DOH! Errr - I mean, Well done Menoptera! You deserve it - great review :-) Oh, and thanks Corinne for your nice compliment *kiss kiss*

i dont know where i am suppose to post this, but i think unusual things which arent often reviewed like:
are quite good. maybe that one should be nominated? i cant find a feb forum so i use thisone

Hmm -- i think that i ought to buy more toys so i can review them and then get entered into competitions! Well done Menoptera!

Is the Review of the Month competition still going though?

there is a jan winner on the front page so iguess so

Yes, but that's for Decembers comp. :P

I think this woman(Private Lick ) should win some sort of comedy award for her review, I almost pee'd mi pants reading :P her review on Ben dover bum beads was funny and helpful! ;)... P.S Im not sure if I write it here but oh well!!

are the orgasm army people even still here?

Hi everyone! I've been out of touch for three weeks and have just come back to find my name on the front page as winner of the January Review comp. Thanks very much. I've neer won anything like this before - I usually get the 5 year old jar of Maraschino Cherries in raffles ...

But just one thing OA - how do I go about claiming my prize?

"OA Sex Chimp" seems to have forgotten this thread

Who? ;-)