Review of the Month October -- Nominations please!

Hey there,
Received my free lube sample and Durex Performa condom, thank you OA Sex Chimp! I presume you chased that one up because I didn't click on the button again, for fear of getting RSS!
I think this review thing is a good idea, such a shame though because I have written some good, candid reviews myself in the past, but haven't submitted anything for a while.
Does the review nominated HAVE to have been written in October?
If not, please feel free to browse my reviews and nominate me for the prize! My personal faves are 'Hats off to the real Doc', 'Open wide for a nice surprise' and'Great Stuff!' There's nothing like blowing your own trumpet,eh!!

Being a Taurus, I have a stubborn streak and decided a while ago I would not submit anymore reviews until I got a new incentive-i.e a new toy!

Hey, I've even had some people rating my reviews as helpful, and I'm sure you have had a few new members who have joined because I raved on about the site! A couple of people I know have even bought from Lovehoney and posted their reviews. I got so low waiting for my next freebie to review, I bought some things myself, the anal probe and steel vaginal speculum to mention a few...

Hope I win! Lol!!