Reviewers' Discount

That’s the key here. As @MsR has gracefully acknowledged we all make user errors and it was great that customer services applied a generous discount to compensate

… and the chemise: I almost ordered that last night too but with the post Christmas cash flow in mind stuck to a set of knickers and a candle - with my 20% discount :slight_smile:
I think you will look fab in it @MsR :+1:


@Melody1 enjoy your knickers and candle!
It was entirely my fault forgetting to add the discount.

But phoning Customer Services alerted me to the 28 day deadline for reviewers’ discounts - I thought I’d let people know as it seems like a new thing.

Others are finding that the 28 day thing doesn’t apply.

Once my kids leave me alone I will try to place an order and remember to use a code - just to see. But an Indian Takeaway may happen in the meantime…


Thinking about it, my review discount may have been for a tester review for a bodystocking. I think I got picked because i’d bought a fair few and reviewed a couple previously.

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Oh, I’ve had enough. I have an item in my basket and I’ve tried to use my latest code, from November, and got this:

Your connection is not private

Attackers might be trying to steal your information

And it doesn’t lead to my Lovehoney basket.

And I’ve just had an eye-watering quote for a replacement garage door because ours fell off its hinges just after Christmas - I really can’t stand expensive household maintenance bills. How many vibrators could I buy for that amount??? How many more if I could access a reviewers’ discount???

Goodbye until tomorrow, my friends, I’m off to order a very spicy curry.

You need to clear your browser. :+1:

@Ian_Chimp I know. But that also gets rid of helpful things.
I’ll get back to it after the curry.

If you have a checklist you can select just Lovehoney and Google cookies, and leave the rest alone. That has shifted it for me before (on my phone).

But enjoy your curry. :curry::slightly_smiling_face:

Curry ordered :+1:
I’ve tried clearing my browser, history etc but the link still gives the same message.
This is on a desktop PC. Haven’t tried on my phone.

Sorry if this is too much like the day job - I’m signing off until tomorrow.

This is probably a bit late but i will say the last reviewer discount i used was dated to July - i always use the oldest 1st and the 28 day thing has never come up (i have had the error though, there’s a thread about it i started. I’m not sure why you’re getting the error on your computer, it usually only appears on phones). Like you said maybe it’s just since it was done via a call


Apparently it can be a glitch on windows/a PC too (or so sayeth the Google at least :slightly_smiling_face:). It’s suggesting a few similar fixes (clearing browser/incognito tab), but the one that stands out is to check your date and time settings, as if they’re different to the web server you’re trying to go to it can’t verify it as above board and throws up a warning (though the time issue could be on the server end?)

Not sure if that’s helpful (or even on-topic :slightly_smiling_face:), but thought I’d throw it out there. :+1:

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I’ve definitely used reviwers discounts much older than 28 days when ordering online.


Quick update: today my reviewers’ offer link from November worked on my phone no problem.
So there doesn’t seem to be a 28 day limit when shopping online - just over the phone (on this occasion).
I still can’t get through on my PC but I think that is a different issues.
Thanks for everyone’s thoughts and help.