Reward Voucher and Returns

If I buy a basket of stuff and use my £20 off reward voucher what happens if I want to return only some of the items from that order for a refund? Will this then negate the reward offer as it'd now be under the minimum spend, meaning I'd end up paying more?

Does anyone have any experience of this?

Hey Ian, i had this situation a couple months ago. You will need to replace the items rather than a refund if you want to keep the discount.

So if you got 3 items a £20 item and 2 £10 items and you return a £10 item you will have to find something for £10 to replace it as this will make your discount valid. I asked if i could pay more towards a replacement item which wasn't possible.

That's really useful to know, cheers buddy.

Hi ya Ian , as K&c30s said you need to find something of same value. However CC are very accommodating x
I had to return a DP toy as the straps were so tight it pinched him. They helped me find an alternative with no problems x