RIANNE S Matryoshka


Haven't found many reviews, but most of them have been good. Anyone know why Lovehoney doesn't carry them anymore?

Also what review would you give them?

LH staff in the buying department read the Pander to Me thread so that's the place to ask questions about why a certain product isn't stocked. Sometimes the answers are unique, like a particular problem in the supply chain, but often it's because it just didn't sell well for LH. Worth an ask, the answers are sometimes interesting.

The Matryoshka looks like the kind of toy I'd love. That usually means it won't sell very well. I'd be a terrible buyer. :-)

here is a link to the 'pander me thread' http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/community/forums/inside-lovehoney/74088-pander-to-me/page-149/

I Googled and it actually looks quite cute especially in all the different colours but sadly i couldn't find any decent reviews of it either. It might be worth using the pander to me thread as RoseHip and Cazz have suggest but one thing that did occur to me is it looks exactly the same as the Tenga Yuki!


This one never really did well for us - the skittle shape usually doesn't (combined with a high price point). We've also discontinued the TENGA iroha Yuki which is the same shape.