Right the wife is out. Shall I be good or bad?

I could just watch TV and be a good boy. Or I could watch porn and masturbate the night away. What do you guys think? Extra points awarded for new and inventive ways to be bad

Why is masturbating "bad"?

LOL I didnt mean it like that. I just meant shall I be frisky or not

Heheheheh, don't you know? :p

now now lubyanka suggestive comments like that will only get me horny

I being frisky is a lot less exciting than us being frisky, think you'll agree Lubyanka, having read your Observer Book list of sexual variations ticked off. Obviously when l say us l don't mean us.... well that's not absolutely true actually !!

TB ..still feeling foolish re the emptor guffaw !!

Heh, I bet I could say "tin of beans" and get a boner out of you, so no fair blaming it on me. :p

what would you be doing with the tin of beans though?

hahaha, Lubyanka, thats very true

naughtyboy wrote:

what would you be doing with the tin of beans though?

Eating them, silly, what else do you do with them?

Wait, don't answer that, I don't want to know. :p

*high fives Morbidia*

lol your all just teasing now

Yeah, cos, like, you soooo need teasing to get you horny, I know what a shrinking violet you are. :p

woohoo!!! Thankies Lubyanka!! ^_^

so does anyone wanna play?


Play? With what?

with me!!!!

Errmmm...let me think about it...

NB, get the hand cream & a roll of shit rag & go nuts with a 'sporting' DVD! I'd be trying for at least 3 before she gets back. Go on.... pull the head off it. You'll be back to sneaky wanks in the shower soon enough!

What's the most sensitive part of a man when he's having a wank?..... His ears!