Ring of fire!

Owwwwww! God dammit!
On Saturday I bought a blue butt plug from Ann Summers.
As soon as I removed it from the packaging I noticed it had a horrible chemical smell. I washed it with soap and warm water (I do this with every new toy before use)used plenty of lube and slowly inserted it.
Within seconds of inserting it I felt and intense burning pain. >.< I couldn't understand it.
So I contacted a Sex educator from SiF (Sex is Fun) podcast.
Laura Rad told me it sounded like I had an allergic reaction to the chemicals in the toy.

She gave me a link to this article:

Sorry, its a 2 part article. ^_^;;
I'm glad that LoveHoney has safer alternatives, all their toys on the site state if they are phthalate, latex or what ever else free.
But if people buy from the Ann Summers shops in towns, they don't tell you whats in the products you're buying and the staff don't know. T_T I worry if other people are having the same problems?
I doubt I'll they'll take me seriously if I made a complaint. ¬_¬

Yeah I had a reaction to this one http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/orgasmarmy/anal-toys/doc-johnson-pretty-pink-butt-plug/reviews.aspx I don't know what's it in coz LH don't sell it anymore. I just use a condom over it, which works fine.