RIP Inch Perfect

Hey guys,

For ages my fave and most used toy for couple's play has been the now-defunct Inch Perfect vibe. It seems to be reaching the end of its life, cutting out a lot and generally being temperamental. I'd love to replace it with something as simlar as possible and I spotted the Super Smoothie 7-inch -- would I be right in saying that this is the same vibe, more or less?

Lovehoney Multispeed Super Smoothie 7 Inch Vibrator&reviewpage=5

Yeah, good example! I hate soft, squidgy toys! Think I will probably order the smoothie because I like the extra length, which is helpful for holding it at different angles in different positions. Otherwise I'd get a RO-80 bullet or some such!

I quite liked my inch perfect, and I'd agree the super smoothie does seem very similar!

However its been years since I used the Inch Perfect so couldn't comment on the vibration intensity compared to any other toys on here.

Im pretty unhelpful really! x

Im the opposite- I hate the rigid straight toys. I think I have the Inch Perfect lying around somewhere very much unused. I wonder why i didn't return it..

I agree, the smoothie should be a good replacement. there are other straight vibes too though. Take your pick-

Yep, I looked at them all but I'm looking for the most similar one! I figure since the Inch Perfect was a LoveHoney vibe, I'm best to stick with the LoveHoney ones :)