Role play fantasies

Hi all,

Can you please share your role play fantasies.

I am new to BDSM, and the way I showed it to my husband was showing him a clip of a burglar man handling a woman and taking her as his own, I want to be in my kitchen with a short skirt on and him to sneak in behind me, put his hand over my mouth and grab my pussy and for him to drag me and tie me up and have his way with me.

Can anyone give me some more Dom(male) sub(female) fantasies that they found super sexy


We have done a few of these scenarios, one which got us both super excited was me hiding in the woods near our house, she walked through in a summer dress and I grabbed her from behind and told her to behave and not make a noise.

We went behind some bushes and pounded away like rabbits, with me fully in control.

We also love to roleplay me being the older man who takes advantage of her … whether it’s teacher and student or babysitter Role. It all kinda slips into the same scenario “are you ready to take my big hard c*ck, I’ll be gentle….” “Be quiet and let me slide it deep inside, if you make a noise I’ll use your ass instead” …. We have a lot of fun :eyes:


May I ask you how you take role play seriously?

It’s always mentioned as an extension to bedroom play and sounds fun.

But me and my OH wudn be able to take it seriously, and thus it’s never appealed to us.

Not knocking it, if we understood it more, we’d maybe even try it.

But I just can’t imagine scenarios where I’m meeting her for the first time in a bar, for example. And not know it’s my wife lol

A bedroom scene, and I’m a burglar.
I know I’m not, so does the wife.
Good cop, bad cop, prissy maid etc

So, how do you turn it on, and get into character (especially without laughing)


I have also struggled with this, I love the idea and the different dynamics you can try out. But yes I have a hard time staying in character! My wife is better at it so it kinda keeps it going.

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If you like the idea of being grabbed from behind, instead of the burglar, how about where you know each other. He could be your chap who’s found out you’ve had an affair and he’s not happy or he plays a male friend, you’ve always fancied, who catches you alone in the kitchen at a party for a risky session, where you might get caught.


Good question. One of the things that holds my wife back is the scenarios just don’t ring true, it seems silly and the more obvious ones are actually quite corny (I am thinking of that episode of Only Fools and Horses where Rodney is a Roman, and Cassandra is a policewoman).

As per another topic, I would also wait forever if I waited for my wife to come up with any scenario, but one answer is for the role play to not be about characters, but specific sex acts, without any back story, such as her forcing me to lick up cum or suck a dildo.

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My husband and I live the Dom/sub life, but one that really worked for us was that of two cheating hotel guests. Basically, both away on business, both married, but crossed eyes in a bar and knew that we wanted one another. I should hasten to add: my husband and I love one another very much and would never cheat on one another intentionally. We’ve been married 11 years and have a great sex life. This was purely fantasy roleplay, not a desire to cheat.

So the roleplay goes, I seduce him, he lets me lead him on, we end up having sex where he plays with me, spanks me, ties me up and gets rough with me - he shows me what happens when cheating wives cheat on their husbands, even if he’d supposedly cheating on his own wife himself. I do things for him that she won’t (blowjob + facial) to make him happy. Long story short? We both win :grin:


The issue sometimes is people take sex super seriously … not every moment needs to be something written for a romance novel. Sometimes you just have a sudden outburst and want a quickie in the garden, or you want to have a super kinky night doing something you have never tried … or a drunken fumble. With role play it’s a similar sort of thing, you have fun with it. If you think to yourself it’s gonna be silly, then go for it and have a laugh.

I actually lose myself in the role and I like to detach myself from my life for a bit, sounds weird but to actually step away from the stresses of life and then I’m suddenly a boss with a secretary who I can order around? Or I’m someone coming to collect rent but she can’t afford it? Or maybe I’m a doctor and I accidentally put my fingers in the wrong hole … it’s all fun and games.

So number one rule is get an idea together you both like, and run with it!

entwine that with a kink or sexual situation you enjoy (bondage, bdsm, kink etc ) and then lose yourself in the role of who you decide to be. If you end up giggling and can’t keep a straight face that’s fine!! Have fun! I’m quite good at staying in character and when she laughs I just get very dominant “don’t you laugh at me, I’ll punish you for misbehaving” … I even made her sit and do 50 lines once “I shall not laugh when daddy tells me to behave” :sweat_smile:


I’ve toyed with the idea of role-play, and have raised it with wifey. She’s not a naturally creative thinker and treats everything very logically, so it’s just seemed a bit silly to her. She also doesn’t tend to have fantasies, so creating fictional scenarios doesn’t tend to inspire her.

I struggle with it too though. I prefer fantasy scenarios that revolve around what we could do to or with each other. Pretending to be strangers is just something I don’t think we’d be able to sustain.

I’d like to. I want the extra excitement, spark, romance etc that can come with it. I just don’t think I’m with the right person for that.

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I used to think it was silly, and if course, it is. But that’s the point. Last night, I was in my Supergirl costume and my husband was the wielder of the Kryptonite (depending on what he wants to do to me, a jade butt plug or a jade yoni stone for my vagina).
We just throw ourselves into it, no matter how ridiculous and have a laugh about it afterwards. We try to not laugh during, but if I do (it is usually me), then there is an in role play consequence. Fundamentally, we just go for it full on.


I would more say it’s sets the scene for us and for him to be able to be more dominant over me which I love, I also feel when you take on a role sometimes it’s easier to act how you want to and have no fear of how dirty or sexy you want to be where you might feel a bit more vulnerable without it. Each to their own, I just like to add a bit of flare and fun to the bedroom and this just mixes it up a bit, it would be more of a suprise for my husband, he wouldnt really dress up, i just like to give him the dominant roll and the more submissive role

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