Role play sexy interview job spec

Morning, being silly and role playing an interview with OH. I asked what skills she could bring to the job. She responded by asking what skills had been asked for in the job spec. Got me thinking. If you had to write a job spec for a sexy job, what skill set and job would they be? Have fun.

Has to be good with hands and flexible.

Good communication skills, able to work alone and as part of a team. Must be driven to achieve team goals and objectives. Must have a hands on approach to solving tasks.

I love the whole interview scenario, and we’ve played it a number of times.

My husband always starts with a real job description from one of the online jobs sites. He never adds anything explicitly about sex, but he adds things or changes things to allude to it.

So for example “dresses in accordance with working requirements for the day and the company dress code” means he can get me to dress as slutty as he likes.

“Work in compliance with the company disciplinary procedures” gets spanking into the interview.

“A relentless eye for detail” means you get spanked if you make a small mistake.

That sort of thing. The world is your oyster.