role playing!

wondered what peoples views were for role playing as in dressing up in our realationship i do the dressing up he doesnt fancy doing it mind you i cant see it eather. ive got a wide variety of costumes, shoes hats wigs and accesories, i do it bacause im naturally shy so role playing gives me confidence to do things i dont normally feel i could do im not a different person i just take on a different side of my personallity and allow it to expose itself more if that makes any sense?? i really enjoy dressing up sometimes its just a simple bra n shorts or babydoll but i feel different with it on and it drives him wild even more so when ive got fishnet stockings on and hes blindfolded and had to feel what i have on!!

i love doing role playing but my hubby dont have a clue. you see he was married to the first women he ever loved and apparently it was just straight forward sex no playing or anything. but when he met me i was trying to spice everything up in the bedroom. i tried bondage which he loves giving and recieveing so what i do is i dress up as a school girl and let him be the dominant school teacher gets us both going everytime.

me and my oartner do role play 2, its gr8 fun, u can be all types of people, u can b a totally different person!

I love role-play -- it's so relaxing. You can just shrug off all the responsibilities of being you and step into the shoes of whoever you want to be! And you can play out some really naughty fantasies ;)

it took me a while and a few drinks to first get into role playing, i think the main factor for me was feeling comfortable and sexy in what i was wearing, but whe i did find the perfect out fit it was fantastic, i then dicovered leaving the knee high boots on was an even bigger turn on!!

I love role playing but it's really difficult to! My boyfriend and I are still young and aren't moving in together for another couple of months so we both live with family. I tend to stay at his but there is no way I could 'let myself go' knowing there are others in the house whether they are asleep or not! Bring on the time when we have our own place!!

My partner and i love role playing we both have a varity of costumes my favourite of hers is her police officer outfit, and her favourite of mine is a school girl uniform we love to play infact we could do for hours on end.

Want to borrow my handcuffs or baton !!!

i love role play! i can be someone totally different, playing dress up really helps me get into my role!

me and my boyfriend love handcuffs and our friend bought us a whip for xmas- i think she'd be mortified if she knew how much it had been used :D once i dressed up as a sexy secretary complete with high heels and stockings and made him bend me over my desk. I twas a great nihgt ;) i think everyone should experiment and if it doesn't work its something to laugh about :D

I have an old police rubberised mac - any interested parties out there !!!! Dates from 1970s, never had bottle to wear it at least not outdoors ha ha

I have done role play loads... I have also been a kitten and a bunny... The bunny I love because the costume was alot of pink and some white... Pink makes me feel so sexy... I have also used baby doll stuff...and even better than that We decided to act as strangers.. this was about 4 years back, I went for a walk, and he drove past me and asked if I needed a lift, This got me very hot, we had sex in the car then he dropped me off home and went to the shops like nothing had happened lmao... it was great!!

Role play can be the best was to express your self if you are shy, but remeber dont be shy or affraid to be your self with or without a different persona.. just be yourself and open up, learn to be wild in *YOUR* skin too, you may find it more fun!!

for me roleplay is a way of being the wildest you can and it gets rid of the "will she think im weird liking this?" feeling. i never dress up but i still get into role and play along as its really sexy. another thing is you can try all your fantasies and you know your safe which is the best bit of all.

My whole problem with this whole roleplaying is that I am very shy... even in front of my boyfriend... I don't struggle when it cums to actions... but actual words is the problem... I always panic when I speak and wonder whether I am going to sound stupid... theres just no hope for me! lol

is the problem before you get into action ,or while you are in action,if it,s before you get into action,try the speaking while in action,as you don,t struggle with that ,but then again so what if you think you sound stupid,you,ve got to start somewhere,practice makes purfect,we have all been thier,you don,t need hope as you well get thier,YOU GO GIRL!

I love role play.. I love anything to do with acting lool.. Me and My partner got a bit wild last week and we broke my red fluffy handcuffs by accident.. Need to get some more. Whn I dress in corsets and stockings and stuff, I feel alot more dominant then my boyfriend and I love being in control but when we are just having normal sex with no heels or dressing up I prefer him to be in control.. Its weird.. I know.. x

@princess... Them fluffy handcuffs are a waste of time, mine's broke before i got to use them.

do tell do tell !!!

OMG happycamper those look fab! I've stated my love of FF too many times already, but I'm glad you've highlighted those.

But really, what connects hippies and bondage??!