Role reversal

My wife loves me to stand in the bedroom and masturbate in front of her for as long as I can keep going which can be quite a while, last time while I was doing myself she took out her Rampant Rabbit covered it loads of lube walked across the room and started working this thing around my arse I have to say I have never been so hard in my life, I decided to try to take it and to my surprise managed it, I had the most explosive orgasm in my life, if anyone gets the chance you have to try this, bloody unbelievable.

We use anal toys in our foreplay, some you can leave in while fucking or being fucked to add to the sensation. See a couple of reviews we've written.

How about butt plugs in everyday life like shopping you tried that?

No, any good? She sometimes used to go to work with one of these vibrating eggs in her pussy, not turned on all the time though!

She has managed a plug for a few hours says its a real turn on,

both my husband and i love to give and recieve anal fucking.we can make each other come any time we want just by anal sex.i love to really stretch him using toys,fists fruit,and just lately my foot.{something i told him i wanted to do as i get it done to me}he loves me to fuck him hard fastor any way i want, in any position i want,in 13 years we have done anything we wanted to each other but anal is the best.we go out with plugs, beadsor anything that stays in and what a husband recomends all you men should try anal. got to go as im getting wet.ill really give it to him tonight. i love the power

lucky fella, nothing like a wife that is really enthusiastic

agree with that post, all men should try taking a cock, if you don't do group sex or don't want to do this in front of your wife, try a gay sauna club. you'd be surprised how many men who visit them are married!

my man does'nt want a real cock.he was an A virgin before he put a small toy in for me.because i like to watch men being fucked up the arse we would watch them never used to do anything for him,no hard on.NOW because he is relaxed and i can do him in different positions wearing a strap on he likes watching films where women screw the men up the arse.he says its like watching me doing him.

hej i live in sweden iam 23 years old and hope to try strap-on i didnt try it antil now and hope to do any girl intersted

Yep, just to add to the sentiment above - guys who haven't tried receiving anal don't know what they're missing. It's not a gay / bi thing, it's just about pleasure. The feeling of having my ass stretched is one of favourite sensations. And don't underestimate the thrill of seeing something large disappear inside you either - I always use a handy mirror or camera to see the action.

^^ Love the foot idea nigganot. Petite ladies turn me on! I've never been fisted but one day with any luck... :-)