romantic valentines songs

hi i would love some suggestions on what songs i can put on a cd for my OH.

i want to give her something nice seems as she is goin to all this trouble and buying me nice treats for valentines day i have a few suggestions and they are.

1 imagine that by r.kelly

2 this kiss by faith hill

but now i am stuck so would appreicate some suggestions thank you

I'd suggest a search, this topic has been covered alot

ok thank you

Heaven by Bryan Adams i think is a perfect song for things like thatm, i hope ya OH loves your gift, sounds brilliant

I like Beyonce halo, it reminds me of my man and how he changed my world <3 x

Songs NOT to use but with my style I find them more fitting and hilarious:

Type O Negative: Unsuccessfully Coping With The Natural Beauty Of Infidelity –
ACDC: Up To My Neck In You
Ludacris: Move Bitch

Songs You Might Like to get Shmoopie to on Valentines

Semicsonic: Secret Smile
Any Boys II Men. End of the Road is awesome but the title is unfortunate
Snoop dog ft pharell - Beautiful
Peter Gabriel: Book of Love (Hola Scrubs fans!)
Usher and Alicia Keyes: My Boo
Justin Timberlake: My Love
Ryan Adams: Wonderwall
Eric Clapton: Wonderful Tonight
Lauryn Hill: Can't Take my Eyes off You
Stevie Wonder: I Believe (When I Fall in Love)
Marvin Gaye, Marvin Gaye, Marvin Gaye.
Beyonce: Dangerously in Love
Paul Mccartney and Wings: Maybe I'm Amazed
Ben. E. King: Stand by Me.
Coldplay: Green Eyes (if she doesn't have green eyes, ignore this)
Prince: I Wanna Be Your Lover, Purple Rain, I Would Die for You, the list goes on...
Alicia Keyes: Pretty much all her stuff
INXS: Never Tear Us Apart
Peter Frampton: Baby I Love Your Way
Elvis Costello: My Funny ValentineD
De La Soul: Eye Know

Old school R&B always rocks and nothing beats Golden Age hip hop love songs.

Oh and you score serious booty points if you personalise the cover in a creative way.

Thanks every1 great choice of songs I think I'd better start getting some on my computer and start seeing which ones remind me of her

rise against - swing life away

such a beautiful song

Prince - Soul Sanctuary, Holy River

Terence Trent Darby - Undeniably

Stacy Kent - The Ice Hotel

Lizz Wright - I'm confessin'

Norah Jones - Come away with me

Beach Boys - God only knows

Stone Temple Pilots - Still Remains

Roberta Flack - The first time ever (I saw your face)

Minnie Ripperton - Lovin' you

I wonder if I could get away with putting boys to men end of the roAd on the cd i think I might have to ask the oh

I think the CD is a lovely idea. I suppose it depends what she's into, but if my OH gave me anything with Marvin Gaye,boyz II men or anything like that on I'd scream,and not with pleasure! No offence to anyone into that stuff! :-)
My favorite romantic song is Blur- Tender,it was our fist dance at our wedding. Some of the lyrics are a little odd,but then so am I!
Tigerlilies Semisonic suggestion is a good one,I can't stop singing it now!

Avrielle_Aniko wrote

I dont think I've even heard of Marvin Gaye. Lol!


All together now people 'WHAW WHAW WHHAWWWW!'

Inner City Blues is amazing too but that's a recession song, not Valentines appropriate.

I've just been listening to Cinematic Orchestra's To Build A Home and it broke my heart.

Darling Nikki by Prince is fun if you don't mind masturbatory lyrics about magazines and hotel lobbies.

I think I'm kinda lucky in the way my oh loves allsorts of music and hopefuly I can't go wrong. Also aa are song is she's like the wind by patrick swayze.

Hows about Rammstein - Pussy

You've got a pussy I have a dick ahh so what's the problem? let's do it quick! Hahaha, only joking ;) Hows about Rammstein - Ohne Dich (Without You)

It's a beautiful song :)

Sometimes when we touch the honesty's too much and I have to close my eyes and cry. I want to hold you till I die and the fear in me subsides. I want to hold you until the end of time.
By Dan Hill I think. Lovely song Learn it and sing it to your OH. She will cry guaranteed! SG x So will you though. Lol

Ooo another good song to sing if you can pull it off is Don't wanna miss a thing by Aerosmith. Brilliant. SG x

sh4ag wrote:

I think I'm kinda lucky in the way my oh loves allsorts of music and hopefuly I can't go wrong. Also aa are song is she's like the wind by patrick swayze.

Cant hear this without giggling, my OH's wrong lyrics keep going through my head whenever I hear it! He's a naughty one!

I like that I'm your lady song.... um... Power of Love Jennifer Rush that's the one. Good nostalgic choice there!

Also Romeo and Juliet, Dire Straits, not strictly romantic but I like it anyway!

Don't Marry Her, Beautiful South [original and explicit version] for those guys who just dont do subtlety ;)


There Are so many songs to choose from I think I might have to do a few CDs. Thanks sg I complety forgot about the aerosmith song I will have to add it to my list which eventualy I will post on here and tell every1