Romantic weekend away in Paris.

So I have been dating a wonderful guy for 4 and a bit months. He is taking me away to Paris at the end of April.
I was gobsmacked when he presented me with the tickets.
I have dated other guys before but they have never been the right guys. They havent wanted anything serious or they treat me like crap.
I now need to think of what to take! I am going to buy new dresses to wear during the day. I will take my wee Lelo Mia clit vibe. As for sexy undies I am so tempted to buy some undies whilst i am there! What do you think?

Crotchless undies would be my suggestion. 

Lucky you.
Just enjoy the trip and if it happens say la v lol
Definitely buy your self some sexy knickers wilst your there though.
One tip say wear there is tourists and don't venture down side streets.
We have friends just outside the city and they say there lots of immigrant's that aren't nice.
So happy for you x
I remember when we were in Spain and I was looking at bikinis so I asked if I could try one on.
In the fitting room my oh asked if I was ok and I must have said it doesn't fit.
Then to my horror the old lady that owns the shop burst in talking in her native toung.
Of witch I understood nothing and she start touch my boob and altering the garment lol what a bloody scary shopping experience.
Oh just wet him self and it now make us laugh.
Look at me talking well I'm sure you will enjoy the trip loads definitely take a bus tour I loved it.

@#Dana yeah i think the experiance of getting some sexy undies whilst i am there will be a great experiance.
I use to live in Paris so i am very familliar with the streets and where not to go. X

Okay well be safe and have a wonderful time x

Wow ... Lovely suprise ... Have a lovely time x