rope tying?

First of all i did look for a thread for this already but it has been shut.

me and hubby have been looking at shibari rope for a while and as we are complete newbs at it. we wanted to know if anyone has any beginners tips on how to start? xx

have you tried looking for a book?

I had a quick search and this one came up, I am sure that there are more out there, other than that there are rope clubs you can join. check out fetlife for groups of people that can help with groups like this, where they have social get togethers where you can practice/learn.

no real advice but just practice and see how it goes ties are a good start and that tape you can get is ok not really had the need to try rope u be suprised what you can find in a wardrobe x

i use this rope from amazon. i love it and apparently so do lots of other people because the reviews dont just talk about washing lines and skipping ropes and apparently lots of people buy the two knotty boys books at the same time. as this rope is cotton you could always dye it if you want it couloufull.

also, if you look on Youtube or on their websight (link on my favorite websights on my account) two knotty boys have lots of really good vidio tutorials.

this is also a verry usefull set of instructions i found,r:19,s:0,i:107&tx=40&ty=50

(sorry the link is long)

Look up the knotty boys, and if you know anyone on the local fet scene there may be a class- there one lean me that I go to occasionally.

I would be carefull of some types of rope, theres a rope that can cut into your skin!

But most rope would leave a tempary mark on the skin, I sure would love a girl to leave that mark on me!

please don't use washingline with metal wire core, this will slice your skin if the plastic casing breaks!

But a good way of restraint a computer geek is with 10m of cat5 ethernet network cable, is good!

old tent guyropes and flat shoe laces can be good but slightly thin. as long as you doubble then up thou they dont hurt. for serious restraining though you want something closer to 10mm in whith. too much thicker though and it will be tricky to tye easily.

cotton is nice and soft whilst still teaving some marks (which i love) if you struggle lots but unlike nylon rope cant be fused at the ends with a lighter to stop it fraying. this can be helped by wrapping tape around the ends though. also cotton can be colloured.

twisted can be backplysed at the ends but woaven sits flatter when knotted.a lso it leaves more marks.

dysadvantage of cotton rope is that it sort of malts fibers and is more absorbant so if you are making gags you will want nylon

personly i would want a twisted cotton rope.

a good thing to remember is that you always end up needing more than you think you will need. im only 5ft and very petit but require atleast 10m of rope to make a simple shibary body harness. There for, you will want lengths of atlest 10m as you can always cut this short for wrists and the such but its a pain working with rope that has knots in it where it has been joyned.

I've been to a few rope play workshops through my local fetish community. You could always look into the Kink community in your area and see if there are any workshops that could help teach you the ropes (excuse the pun) Its a great way to learn some of the techniques from experienced kinksters and to even make friends with similar interests

Depends what type of rope you mean. The two knotty boys for instance are called shibari by some but not by others, and certainly not themselves. They use synthetic rope and call their style 'Fusion bondage'.

As shibari is a Japanese term it is mostly used to refer to Japanese style bondage.

I don't know if I can link this but here... are some images of rope in the Japanese style.

My general advice on learning is always... learn from someone that really, really knows what they are doing.