Anyone own both thebondage boutique rope and the fifty shades one who can compare quality/feel please?

Sorry to jump on your thread 😬 I was going to post this exact question myself so I too am am intrigued to see what others think 😊 It’s something me and the mrs like the look and thought of :) I’d like to learn some rope tying so any useful links would be great :) again so sorry 🤗

We own lots of rope, Its hard to remember whats what after the packets are thrown away, but Silk rope is the way to go for us.

Saying that all the rope from LH has been fine for us, The wife got some of the fifty shades rope from here and I used a steel ring and fashioned a bed restraint for under the mattress, works a treat :)

No need to apologise, the more the merrier! I'm looking for something to make beautiful ropework, so probably 10 metres. How about you?

I'm not sure on the rules for external links but this is what got us started, it looks complex towards the end but its really easy, its also great as you can practice by yourself, just watch out for 'whipping' when you pull the excess rope through a knot it can whip and catch you in some awkward places :)

We only have the fifty shades one and are very pleased with it. Its very strong but soft around the wrists.

@Flamingo747 Agreed the beautiful intricacy of the designs are what I’m interested in, almost like designing your own lingerie! 😊 I love the idea of it all, just wouldn’t have a clue how to do it myself. I was never a Scout so knots aren’t my forte! Knowing me the mrs will have to be cut loose by the fireman 😂 @Trine yes that’s the sort of thing! If anyone has any designs/tutorials to share it’d be 👍