Rubber Sucker Tips

Has any one had much play with rubber suckers or similar. Are they good / painful for nipples?

I have no experience myself, but I guess they could be interesting. my worry would be that they wouldn't stay attached, or attach at all. They would be very dependant on who you were sticking them on to. If the area around the nipple is quite bumpy or hairy (if the subject is male) then it may be difficult to get a good connection. Assuming they work it could be a less intimidating way to start nipple play as they will look less frightening than some of the more fearsome clamps available.

I've often thought about trying them. Sometimes I think it must be like having a leech stuck to your skin, except without the loss of blood ;-)

LoveHoney sells a load of suckers, clamps and all sorts of nippley stuff.

Anyone got any faves?

Check out my review here:

As you can tell we had a *lot* of fun!

we tried the ones designed for sucking poison bites
cant say i was impressed, very very mild sensation could have got the same using a plastic bottle and creating a vacuum after squeezing the air out

I got some little pink ones and the gf loves them. They make you look odd though.

I have a medical cupping set: brilliant! I think they're supposed to be used for acupuncture, but they feel pretty good when applied to almost any parts, with no medical knowledge required (apart from, yeah, don't leave them on too long, like more than 20 minutes)

i reviewed the pink bobbly ones cos they are teh awesome! no, seriously i love them! i would have brought them with me but it would have been just my luck that customs would have stopped me and i would have had to explain in front of all the officers, exactly what the pink (or purple in my case) golf ball sized suckers are used for hehe!! ah well i'm home tomorrow! and i have my nice freebie to test out hooray!!

Not something I've ever considered before, but reading the reviews I really want a pair! lol.

*adds to wishlist*