RULE REMINDER.. Please read: Item Recommendation Posts


We have had an influx of threads asking for best, fav, quietest etc item you have/want. Basically asking for recommendations or your favourite item.

Firstly: Please do a search for already opened threads on such subjects.

Secondly: Please do not recommend or comment regarding items from competitors, this includes links too! 

We are a business and if you are leaving a comment that drives traffic away to buy an item elsewhere we will have no choice but to issue warnings and even suspensions.

For example, We sell clitoral vibrators, so if you are unable to recommend or say that one of ours is your fav. Then probably best not to comment, especially with one that can be purchased at another site/retail store.

Here is a reminder of our clear forum rules:

Thank you for your understanding. 

Think this is totally fair & not much to ask 🤷‍♀️ its a shame ,as would hate to see these go.


I'd hate to lose the forums over folks forgetting this is a business.

My opinion the crux of a problem is Leannes first statement .

There have recently been an influx of threads that are basically repeats . Its got to the stage that the forum has more repeats than the BBC . The word "threesome" comes to mind here.

Rcommendation of a competitior goes without saying . Its just not cricket . Even if its something that LH dont currently stock . There are other forums that are not commercially backed that can cater for this type of discussion.

Totally agree. They need to find the right forum for this discussion

This is only fair and I agree

Agreed 👍