So my wife likes a good rumble dildo … any advice on what I could treat her too ???

Does it have to be a dildo? My wife is the same…and loves the Mantric Rechargeable wand…

Agree, wands are the way to go, either mains or rechargeable.

My wife loves all of her mantric toys

This is a personal favourite of mine :slightly_smiling_face:

I was thinking about something like the fun factory range. Any thoughts on those

My OH likes a wand. Penis shaped toys don’t do much for her.

This vibrator is rumbly and very powerful. It’s rechargeable too.

The only two Fun Factory ones we’ve tried haven’t been traditional vibrator style ones, so I’m actually not sure what their vibe frequency is like?

Mrs Chimp likes a good rumbly toy, but will happily have a rumbly clit toy and a non-vibrating dildo. The Mantrics are her favourite all round, and good on a medium budget too. :+1: The Realistic one is her favourite G-Spot one, though the Rabbit is her second (though only because she can’t pair it with a clit toy of her choice).

Fun factory